Reveal the secret of the mysterious profession “credit knife man”, claiming to be the descendant of Guiguzi, divining life and death, predicting prosperity

The profession of “sword credit man” has been widely praised in ancient times. Some people say that it is the apprentice of Guiguzi, who can predict life and death, predict prosperity, and give early hints to the people at that time when the world is unpredictable. Xiaobian believes that in today’s modern times, there must be few people who can still hear about the legend of the credit Dao man, not to mention who will be lucky enough to meet the credit Dao man. What kind of career is the credit Dao man?

The meaning of “credit” in “credit” is very obvious. People who sell knives on credit don’t sell knives as ordinary people do, but take the initiative to sell knives to customers. Why? It turns out that the person who sells the knife on credit will also leave a prophecy, and at the same time tell the guests to wait until the prophecy comes true to collect the money. Of course, it is said that they are the descendants of Guiguzi, and when the prophecy comes true, the guests will often take the initiative to pay for fear of retribution.

Guiguzi had many apprentices in ancient times. At that time, his thoughts were influenced and spread around the world. Until today, many people claim to be Guiguzi’s apprentices. They can predict the future and predict their fate. Their identities are street entertainers. However, they all have unique skills. Their occupation is to buy knives on credit. They carry schoolbags with knives and scissors in them to sell to others They sell their products. If someone buys them, they take out their knives and say generously, “take this knife and use it first. I’ll come back to collect money in three years.”.

During the war of resistance against Japan, the Japanese used to investigate and kill the people who used to buy knives on credit, because they predicted that the little devils would be driven away one year! A few decades ago, people on credit predicted that beef would sell for 18 yuan a catty. Every family had a color TV. It would snow and hail some day. It was more accurate than the weather forecast. And some people will discuss the fate of the country, analysis in good order.

Do you still have credit knife people? Have you ever met a knife credit man? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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