Reveal the secrets of fortune tellers, a simple article, read you can learn

what? Fortune tellers can calculate your life, career, marriage and destiny so accurately. As long as you accept their face-to-face, they will know your birthday and what you are. What’s amazing is that before you know it, you will be absorbed in what he said and believe in everything he said. Today, Xiao Bian is here to popularize science. If you like to listen to “good words”, you should distinguish right from wrong. Don’t be cheated by the tricks of the Jianghu.

Up to now, there are still many people who believe in fortune telling. Usually, fortune tellers will play the signboard of Zhouyi. Here, I want to solemnly explain that Zhouyi is a philosophy book and an intangible cultural heritage left by our ancestors. The Yin-Yang and five elements in Zhouyi contain all things, which has a guiding role for many disciplines. In the use of fortune tellers, those seemingly magical things are actually the interpretation of some regular things, there is no strange power.

Many people believe in fortune telling and worship fortune telling because those masters are too accurate, so they know it’s superstition, but they believe it. For those “famous” fortune tellers who are usually in parks, roadsides and under bridges, how can they know what you think and what you worry about?. The truth is not difficult. Psychologists believe that the reason why fortune tellers can accurately express what you think is that they use people’s psychology of “self verification”.

Fortune tellers are often proficient in psychology, they are very good at observing people’s psychology, and use these psychology to show their superb skills. They usually ask ordinary people some puzzling questions, most of which can be answered in many ways. With the deliberate guidance of the master, people will step into the trap set by the master.

For example, the master will ask you: “do you have a sister in your family?” If you happen to have one, you will think that the master is right; if you don’t have one, he will say that there is no best, just like he knew you didn’t have one. Once you come and go, before the master says anything, you already associate a lot of things, and begin to believe that the master’s words are true and accurate. People have the psychology of “self verification”. As long as they are hinted, they will unconsciously imagine some related content. Just as people say that the constellation is so accurate, it seems that people are destined to be one of 12 personalities. In fact, as long as you are willing to look at the descriptions of other constellations, you will be surprised to find that you are more or less consistent with the descriptions of each constellation.

The same is true of fortune teller’s routine. When he says that you will meet many noble people to help you in your life, you can’t help but think about who helped you at any time, and consciously associate these with noble people’s help. After a few rounds, you will think that the master’s calculation is too accurate, and the real immortal will come down to earth. There are also those masters who calculate the gender of fetus. Their famous way is actually the simplest hype. They are born with two genders, neither male nor female. As long as you guess men when you see people, at least half of them will guess right, and those who guess right will naturally help you publicize and praise your immortal words. Those who guess wrong will generally ignore these false remarks Even if one or two deliberately find fault, they will be drowned by the saliva of those “believers”.

The so-called fortune telling, is a psychological master reason psychological trap to cheat ordinary people’s trust, so as to obtain benefits. I hope our friends will shine their eyes and stop being deceived by these masters. We should all study hard, read more books, learn more about the world, know more about the world, and make the world full of civilization and hope. Friends, if you have any experience in fortune telling, please leave a message in the comments section below to talk about the interesting things you have experienced.

This article is the original work of Gao Ze, the author of Jiujian

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