Ring the alarm! Human feces detected plastic particles, the end of the year or will ban plastic straws!

Ring the alarm! Human feces detected plastic particles, the end of the year or will ban plastic straws!


The reason why human life has become colorful, thanks to the emergence of many inventions, many inventions for the benefit of mankind, let mankind enjoy the convenience, such as electric lights, airplanes, cars and so on. Because of their existence, human travel becomes more convenient. In addition, not all inventions play their role to the maximum. There are also some inventions that people love and hate. Plastic is one of them. The cost of making plastic is low and the plasticity is high. We can often see its existence. Plastic bottles, plastic bags and so on all use plastic materials. It is favored by the general public, and over time its disadvantages are gradually revealed.


Plastic straws to be banned by the end of the year


According to relevant sources, it is expected that plastic straws will be banned in the catering industry nationwide by the end of 2020. Many people are puzzled. What’s the matter with plastic straws? When we drink milk tea and drink, we all habitually insert a straw to ensure that the drink does not spill out, and it is more convenient to drink. Without straw, it is like without soul. There are also people who have the habit of biting straws to release pressure in this way, so straws play a very important role in life. Now that they are about to disappear, how can people not worry? Even if the plastic pollution is increasing, why should we take the plastic straw first? Ring the alarm! Human feces detected plastic particles, the end of the year or will ban plastic straws!


Someone once saw a turtle by the sea. It was dying, and a plastic straw was inserted into its nose. It took researchers a lot of effort to pull out the straw. It can be seen that plastic has a wide range of effects on marine life, which is worthy of attention. According to relevant data, more than 80 million tons of plastic products have been produced in China in 2019, of which plastic straws account for 30000 tons. Compared with the total tonnage, it may feel insignificant.


This kind of subtle influence has long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Human beings only enjoy the convenience and comfort for a while, but they don’t know that this comfort is based on the pain of other creatures and can’t last long. For convenience, people directly discharge plastics into the ocean. If we can not find a reasonable way to deal with plastic waste, the earth’s waste will only fill more and more, it is difficult to digest. What’s more, the rate of plastic production has already exceeded the rate of plastic degradation. For a long time, the whole earth would be covered with plastic.


Plastics have penetrated into all aspects of life


Many products used in our daily life are inextricably linked with plastics. Plastic products not only damage the environment, but also eventually bite back on human beings. Maybe you think that the plastic garbage you throw away has nothing to do with you. In fact, it will still find its own owner and return to the human body in an indirect way.


What makes people most resentful is that scientists have detected plastic particles in human feces, which is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue. Anyway, human body is the most important, and the earth’s environment depends on everyone’s care. Everyone can realize the seriousness of the problem and solve it from the root, so that it will not develop into this form. What’s your understanding of plastics? You can leave a message for interaction.

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