Rock art from 10000 years ago, with spaceship and palm printed on it, is suspected to be made by prehistoric civilization

Does prehistoric civilization really exist? No one is sure that there will be any answer to this question, because according to the archaeological research and discovery of archaeologists, although there are many conjectures and assumptions about prehistoric civilization, there are still many controversies. But scientists have also made a lot of explorations and discoveries. Many of the cultural relics we know have a long time span. For example, footprints similar to the footprints left by human wearing shoes were found in the fossil trilobites. Trilobites were born in the Cambrian period from about 600 million years ago to 250 million years ago. Is this thought-provoking? However, trilobites also take a long time to fossilize.

More importantly, scientists have found 2.8 billion year old metal balls and stone tools in South Africa, so they have to doubt whether prehistoric civilization really exists. When archaeologists discovered not only the rock paintings of 10000 years ago, but also the “spaceship” totem on the rock paintings, the author also began to think: is there any prehistoric civilization.

Kunlun Mountain, known as China’s first sacred mountain and the ancestor of ten thousand mountains, plays an important role in the history of the cultural development of the Chinese nation. Many ancient myths handed down are related to Kunlun Mountain, such as Nuwa mending the sky and Jingwei reclamation, which we have known since childhood. They are closely related to Kunlun Mountain, and Kunlun Mountain is also attracted by its legend Many archaeologists.

However, while exploring Kunshan mountain, some archaeologists unexpectedly found a cave with a large number of rock paintings hidden in it. One of the rock paintings attracted the attention of archaeologists. Only because of the “spaceship” pattern on the rock painting, experts found that the rock painting has a history of 10000 years.

If you look closely at this rock painting, you will find that in the era we live in today, all kinds of objects can be found, especially the “spaceship”, which is the same as what we see in newspapers, magazines and TV. It makes people doubt whether prehistoric civilization really existed. If not, the “fingerprints”, “spaceships” and “giraffes” in the rock painting How to explain the case? But if prehistoric civilization really existed, where would the highly civilized human beings who created “spaceships” go? They look like humans, so they also wear shoes, so they accidentally step on trilobites, and finally become fossils.

No one can say for sure whether there is any civilization in history, but from the “spaceship” on the rock paintings, it can be proved that this suspicious thing indeed appeared on the Kunlun Mountain 10000 years ago, and was just seen and recorded. Some netizens speculated that maybe the legendary alien once lived here? The author believes that, compared with the existence of prehistoric human civilization and aliens, the author is more willing to believe in the existence of prehistoric human civilization, because the graffiti in rock paintings, to “spaceship”, giraffe, fingerprints and so on, are very close to our human living habits, but what makes me doubt is that giraffe is not suitable to live in Kunlun mountain area, why does it appear in Kunlun mountain rock paintings?

In the author’s opinion, this problem can only be explained by the fact that the earth’s crust movement has changed the ecological environment of Kunlun region. Perhaps there were giraffes here before, and scientists have put forward theoretical speculation that there were many prehistoric civilizations on the earth. After all, the development of everything has a cycle. Therefore, the “spaceship” in the rock paintings may have been created by prehistoric human beings, but later crustal movement and changes in the ecological environment led to the extinction of human beings and other creatures, or it may have gone to places we don’t know. Of course, the above is only my personal guess. After all, there are too many secrets buried in the Kunlun Mountains, and there are too many things that can’t be explained by science Ming does exist. What do you think?

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