Russian scientists claim that the earth can only live if the moon is destroyed. Why on earth?

Russian scientists claim that only by destroying the moon and the earth can we survive. Why on earth? Since ancient times, human beings have had special expectations for the moon.

In ancient times, people regarded the moon and the moon as their yearning for their loved ones, reposing their grief for their loved ones. It can be said that both in ancient Chinese fairy tales and in ancient Western myths, there are descriptions of the moon, and these descriptions are positive.

Russian scientists claim that only by destroying the moon can the earth survive. Why on earth is this? What did he find in it? Although the moon is not as magical as the ancient myth repeats, it is a supplement to the existence of the earth.

It can be said that the earth was born 4.6 billion years later, while the moon has been with us for 4.6 billion years. The moon is the only satellite on the earth. It also has a great influence on some special natural phenomena and natural environment on the earth. For example, 365 days a year is formed by the special tidal action of the moon.

All these show that man cannot leave the moon, and the moon must follow the steps of the earth. Russian scientists say they want to destroy the moon, in fact, because of limited, even more selfish and naive ideas.

Due to the special tidal locking function of the moon, the earth’s north and south poles and four seasons have some temperature changes. Compared with all the people, it is obvious that Siberia in Russia is very cold, and even few people can survive in the cold places in Siberia, which is very unfavorable to the economic development of Russia.

Scientists believe that if Russia’s moon is destroyed, there will not be too many extremely cold places on the earth, which will have a good impact on Russia’s future development.

But this is just an idea put forward by some Russian scientists, which is not feasible. The existence of the moon is not only a special tidal locking function. If the earth didn’t have a moon, the world might turn upside down.

But the idea put forward by this scientist is also very helpful for human beings to see the relationship between the earth and the moon, which has certain significance.

However, the discussion about destroying the moon remains controversial. After all, the moon is the only satellite on earth.

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