Russia’s 8-year-old prophet predicted that in 2020, will his words come true?

If there is such a little boy in our life, he said that he is not from the earth, but from Mars, how would you feel? I believe many people think that the little boy is talking nonsense at first impression, but there is such a little boy in Russia. He claims that he is a Martian and has made many predictions to mankind. Some predictions seem to have been verified. What’s the matter?

Mars boy

This little boy is called polisca. Although he was only 8 years old at that time, what he said surprised everyone. He claimed that when he was on Mars, he often flew spaceships between Mars and the earth. At that time, the school was holding a bonfire party. He told his friends and adults about life on Mars. At first, the adults didn’t think it was nonsense. But when adults hear polisca’s professional words, they gradually change their cognition. An 8-year-old will not say these words at all.

Poliscka claimed that the place where he landed on the earth at that time was the land of Lemuria. I believe many people have never heard of this civilization. Scientists have found that in the waters on both sides of the Indian Ocean, the same creatures appeared, this creature is the lemur. Why are lemurs so far apart? Scientists speculate that perhaps long ago, the Indian Ocean was not an ocean, but a continent. It’s amazing that many professionals have rarely heard of the vivid words of Lemuria.

Polyska talked about astronomy and universe, but his parents did not teach him any knowledge. As his fame grew, people gave him the title of Mars boy. In 2004, the name of the Martian boy first appeared in the news paper. This little village, which is not well-known, became famous, and the Martian boy also became the focus of the scientific community.

Is the prediction true?

Martian boy not only has great astronomical knowledge, but also left a prophecy for mankind. He once claimed that there is a mechanism behind the ears of Sphinx in the pyramid. If mankind can crack it, then civilization will get a breakthrough. Recently, another prediction of Mars boy has been turned out. He claims that there will be a catastrophe on the earth by 2020. Many people think that the disaster that the Martian boy said is the rampant virus and endless natural disasters.

So did the Mars boy’s prediction come true? Is what he said true? It is understood that although the Martian boy’s parents have not taught him astronomy, his father is a complete science fiction fan. Maybe what the Martian boy said is what his father said. Today’s earth’s environment has deteriorated, extreme disasters occur very frequently, maybe the Martian boy just hit by mistake.

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