Satellite photos! Strange phenomena appear on the surface of Xinjiang. How did the fire start?

Since 2020, global warming has become a frequently mentioned word. In fact, we can clearly feel that this summer is hotter than in previous years. Many scientists claim that this year may be the hottest year in recent years. It is the rapid rise in temperature that has led to the occurrence of extraordinary fires in many places, some of which have not been put out and continue to burn.

Fire in Xinjiang

Just a while ago, China’s satellite also captured such a scene. A fire broke out in a certain area of Xinjiang. In this area, there were few human beings and no combustibles. So why did the fire break out suddenly? This phenomenon has also attracted the attention of many scientists. In order to find out the cause of the fire, they also came to Xinjiang and began to explore on the spot. When they arrived in Xinjiang, the local people all claimed that it was hellfire and the punishment of nature to human beings. Of course, scientists do not believe such words. Everything has scientific rules. In order to solve the secret of the fire, they made a detailed exploration and finally found out the reason.

The cause of Xinjiang fire

It turns out that there are abundant coal mines buried underground in this area. We all know that the underground environment is very closed. As the temperature gradually rises, the area becomes extremely hot under the sun. After a long time of exposure, the underground coal mines reach a burning point, so they begin to spontaneous combustion. This coal mine is the source of the fire.

Fire situation in the United States

After seeing this phenomenon, we should pay more attention to this year’s environmental situation. In addition to the fire in Xinjiang, the fire in the United States has been burning for several months and is still spreading. Scientists predict that the fire in the United States may last until December, during which many residents are forced to move. Even the central cities such as Washington and New York are covered with a layer of orange red, which is enough to show how fast the fire spread.

Some people think that the fire in the United States has nothing to do with us, but in fact this statement is very one-sided. Although we are very far away, scientists have found that the fire smoke in the United States has crossed many obstacles and entered the sky over Europe. The global natural environment is as a whole. If there is a mistake in one chain, it will affect the whole world Earth, how could we be spared at that time?

It can be said that these situations have sounded an alarm for us, which is also a warning from nature to mankind. If we continue to emit greenhouse gases and consume the earth’s resources, then it will not be long before the earth will become weaker and weaker. If human civilization wants to continue, it can only look for other planets. According to our scientific and technological level, when can this goal be achieved What about it?

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