Satellite pots used to be widely used by people. Why were they banned later? I underestimated it

I believe many of my friends know that in ancient times, if the literati wanted to know more social information, they could not only rely on reading books. However, in ancient times, there was no communication technology brought by science and technology. If they wanted to know more information, they needed to keep going.

After entering the era of science and technology, we not only have developed means of transportation to make us travel around the world more quickly, but also have powerful communication technology. Communication makes the distance between people shorter and shorter, making the once vast earth a global village.

For modern people, they don’t need to travel thousands of miles to know all kinds of information happening all over the world. There are many channels to understand this information, such as TV, Internet and so on. Before the Internet is so developed and popularized, we want to know all kinds of information, mainly through newspapers and TV, especially TV is people’s favorite.

Perhaps for today’s young people, TV has become a decorative household appliances, and few people watch TV at home, but watch mobile phones. Because the mobile phone is more powerful, can understand the information is richer, more interesting. But for the majority of the Post-70s and post-80s, television is the most important thing.

I still remember when I was a child, my father bought a 12 inch black-and-white TV, and every night the neighbors watched TV programs. You know, at that time, the price of a black-and-white TV was not cheap. Ordinary families could not afford it at all. The first TV in my family was the only one in the village at that time. My father saved a year’s money to buy it.

At that time, if TV wanted to watch TV programs, it needed to install TV antenna outside. At the beginning, it was a simple antenna made of aluminum wire, which could barely receive several TV stations. Later, with the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of antennas also continue to appear, watching more and more programs.

Twenty years ago, a kind of satellite pot appeared on the market, which has very powerful functions. It can directly connect to satellites to watch programs, and the number of programs is up to hundreds. Satellite pots were warmly welcomed by people as soon as they appeared. At that time, satellite pots were installed on almost every roof and yard.

Satellite pot is more popular for people in rural and remote mountainous areas. In just a few years, the satellite pot has spread all over the country, from the city to the countryside, walking on the road, you can see the figure of the satellite pot everywhere.

The emergence of the satellite pot directly eliminated people’s self-made antenna and other kinds of antennas on the market. Because it can directly receive TV signals transmitted by satellites in space, it can receive many TV channels and strong signals, and even can receive foreign TV channels.

After being popular for a period of time, satellite cookers gradually disappear. Most of the satellite cookers on people’s roofs can’t be seen. Later, I learned from the news that it had issued an order to ban a large number of satellite pans and demolish them all.

Why is such a convenient satellite cooker banned? Many people don’t understand this. In fact, as long as we have some understanding of the satellite pot, we will find that it is not simple, we underestimate it.

In fact, the principle of satellite pot is not complicated, it is equivalent to a simple satellite signal receiving station, which is composed of signal receiver and regulator. The receiver is the big round pot we see, which is composed of a paraboloid, a feed and a high frequency head at the focus of the paraboloid.

The parabolic pan can reflect and gather the satellite signal to the focus, and then receive it by the feed. After amplification and frequency reduction by the high frequency head, the signal is sent to the signal conditioner.

Signal conditioner is also known as set top box. It can process the signal into the video and audio signals that the TV can display, and then send these signals to the TV, we can see the TV picture with image and sound. The principle of satellite pot is simple and easy to use, so why disable it? In fact, it is mainly for the sake of safety.

1、 With the development of science and technology, the times are progressing. More than 20 years ago, television began to reach thousands of households. At the same time, cable TV has also begun to develop. Compared with satellite TV, cable TV has many advantages. For example, it is very stable, it will not affect the signal due to wind and rain, and the picture definition is clearer than the picture received by satellite TV. In order to popularize the development of cable TV and promote the development of cable TV, it is understandable to restrict satellite TV.

2、 If you want to receive better satellite signal, you need to put it in a higher position. In rural areas, it is generally placed on the roof, while in cities, people live in high-rise buildings. If you want to install the satellite pot, you can only put it out of the window.

The satellite pot is installed on the wall outside the window, which is very dangerous. You should know that the satellite pot itself is easy to catch the wind. Once the strong wind comes, the satellite pot is easy to be blown down by the wind. Because rural areas are bungalows, satellite pots are not affected by the wind, and will not cause much harm. But the buildings in the city are different. Once the satellite pan breaks away from the falling objects or people walking on the ground, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The incident of satellite pot smashing things and people 20 years ago was not unusual. We can imagine that there are satellite pots hanging everywhere on the wall outside the whole building. When people walk downstairs, they should be careful to be hit by the pot above, which brings great security risks to people’s lives.

3、 The satellite pot is easy to cause thunder. In the summer thunderstorm, people’s TV and home appliances are often damaged by lightning. The reason why these thunderbolts can enter the house and damage household appliances is mainly through the outdoor TV antenna. There are basically no lightning rods in the satellite pots, and they are located at a high place, so they are easy to be hit by lightning. The consequences of lightning strike are very serious, light will damage the TV, electrical appliances, heavy may cause a fire, which will bring more serious consequences.

4、 The information received by the satellite pan is very complex. Because the satellite pan directly receives the signal from the satellite, although it can receive more TV channels, many TV stations are foreign. Foreign signals sometimes contain some bad information, affecting the physical and mental health of teenagers.

Moreover, some foreign forces will also spread some misleading and untrue information through satellites. If they can’t distinguish the true from the false, it will mislead people. These are the reasons why the state wants to ban the satellite cooker. People who don’t know why also have many misunderstandings about the ban. It was once said on the Internet that the reason why the state banned the satellite cooker is that the extensive use of the satellite cooker to receive information will affect the signal of the aircraft. In fact, this statement is not correct.

With the continuous progress of human communication technology, 5g era has come, and there will be 6G era, 7g era and even quantum communication era in the future. With more and more powerful communication technology, satellite technology will become a memory of history.

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