Scattered fossils of paleontology, the restoration of appearance, scientists have a long sigh of relief!

Scattered fossils of paleontology, the restoration of appearance, scientists have a long sigh of relief!

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. At first, the environment of the earth was desolate, covered with lava and invaded by high temperature. As time goes on, after the earth gradually cools down, a variety of new species emerge. These species have evolved different life characteristics due to changes in the environment, developed their own skills, and formed a rich ecological chain. In ancient times, there were strange creatures with fierce faces and high sensitivity.

During the Devonian period, a kind of paleontology similar to scorpion appeared. It is called Limulus, which has been extinct for many years. Only by finding some fossils can we know about it. According to the observation of scientists, Limulus belongs to an arthropod paleontology. Its shape is highly similar to scorpion, but there are some differences between them. It has 12 abdominal segments, There are also 6 pairs of claws, the shell is extremely hard, the volume is quite huge. Scattered fossils of paleontology, the restoration of appearance, scientists have a long sigh of relief!

The appearance of fossils restored by scientists

Scientists restored it and found that its inner foot is more than two meters long. If it still exists in the marine environment, it will be a fearsome creature. It is more like a magnified scorpion. Except for its similar appearance, its origin has nothing to do with it. At that time, it was almost at the top of the food chain. It was in an area where there were no natural enemies, and the creatures who met it would retreat.

Reasons for the extinction of Limulus

Because it is a carnivorous animal, it feeds on fish all the year round and has strong adaptability to the environment. However, it failed to escape the baptism of extinction in the end. At that time, the earth’s environment changed dramatically and the ecological chain was destroyed. It was too unlikely that it would survive. In addition, its living area was limited. When the disaster came, it could only stay in its own area After death, even the fossils found by scientists are seriously damaged, most of them are fragmentary, and no complete fossil has been found.

It’s sad and fortunate that this magical creature is going extinct. It’s rare to see it in a hundred years. If it still exists on this earth, it may become the overlord of the ocean world. Fortunately, human beings didn’t survive in that era. After encountering it with human power, it’s hard to compete with it. Although many creatures have evolved different abilities, they have no chance to survive. They end up with the same result as dinosaurs. Therefore, human beings should be glad that they have everything and stand out among many creatures. The only advantage is the brain.

Human beings should cherish everything they have, and don’t regret it until they lose it. This is the general situation of the evolution process of the earth’s creatures. From birth to death, they won’t change their fate because of their fierce habits. The same is true of dinosaurs. Although they have huge size, smart limbs and fast running ability, they can’t escape the sanction of nature. Everything is fine It’s the result of natural selection. What do you think of this fossil found by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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