Science is stagnant, what has stopped the pace of mankind? Maybe it’s a trick!

Science is stagnant, what has stopped the pace of mankind? Maybe it’s a trick!

Looking back on the past history, countless scientific giants, such as Newton, Hawking and Einstein, were born in the scientific community. They made outstanding contributions to the scientific community. Take Hawking for example, although he did not have a healthy body, he used his amazing wisdom to leave precious wealth for the world. This spirit is worthy of everyone’s awe. Since these scientists died one after another, the scientific community seems to have stagnated. In the history of human science, there have been two changes, one caused by the tide of Newtonian science, which opened the door of science.

The other is Einstein. Einstein’s general and special theories of relativity play a decisive role in science. It is precisely because of these theories that they promote the rapid development of human civilization. In addition, Einstein also proposed quantum mechanics, but at the present stage, quantum mechanics is still in its infancy. Science is stagnant, what has stopped the pace of mankind? Maybe it’s a trick!

However, it has indicated that human civilization has made great progress. If it is not for the existence of these great men, perhaps the scientific community is still in the primary stage. Although half a year has passed since Einstein and it seems that human civilization has developed rapidly, there has never been a breakthrough competition. Why on earth? At present, more and more western countries are confident in the prospect of scientific and technological development. They are clearly competing for high-end industries, relying on strong scientific and technological forces to promote scientific development and lead the world.

There is an old saying that ideal is always defeated by reality, and reality is extremely cruel. When we run out of knowledge, without more fresh knowledge, the speed of development will naturally slow down. At present, human civilization has been in a state of stagnation, and there is no substantial progress. These theories and developments are left by Einstein Newton. So far, no scientist has been able to put forward more meaningful theories.

On the surface, human civilization has developed to a certain stage, with the rise of artificial intelligence and more and more convenient transportation. These are all based on science, and many of them are inventions left by great scientists. However, after all these inventions are used up, what else can human science have? Some people speculate that perhaps it is the blockade of civilization higher than human civilization that leads to the stagnation of science. If there is no breakthrough development, human beings will be trapped on the earth forever. Of course, this is only a guess, there is not enough evidence to confirm.

We all know that science is very rigorous, it can test the truth, but also can overturn a theory. Some people firmly believe that as long as we persevere and accumulate for a long time, we will one day encounter barriers to the development of civilization, which is also everyone’s good wish. What do you think is the reason for the stagnation of human science? Could it be high civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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