Scientific research found that the universe or a super brain, say you do not believe!

Throughout the world, there are all kinds of strange things. The universe is rich in materials and has a wide area. And how big is the universe? This is not a person can imagine. At present, the universe we are studying is just the skin of our knowledge. When we go back to human beings, we know little about the human brain. In addition to the general structure of the human brain, the number of nerves in the human brain can not be estimated. This is commensurate with the number of stars in the universe. Even if it takes a scientist’s whole life to study, it can not be completed. Is there any special connection between the human brain and the universe?

As early as in 2012, someone published a paper in the journal Nature, talking about the structure of the universe and the structure of the brain nerve is very similar. When researchers simulate the formation process of the universe, they find that there are various network structures in the universe, which are very similar to the neural network of the brain, the popular Internet and social network, and the formation process of these network structures in the universe is also similar to other networks. In the process of the formation of these networks, the changes of natural forces, such as the expansion of the universe, the transmission of neural signals, and the expansion of social networks, are dominated by the same unknown law or force.

The emergence of this amazing idea is by no means accidental. Ancient Indian Buddhism has long proposed that a grain of sand contains three thousand worlds. In other words, a grain of sand contains a complete world. There is so much sand in the world, is there so much world? From a scientific point of view, the smallest particle known by human beings is quark. What is below quark? There must be something smaller, and what is the structure of these things? What’s the connection between them? These smaller particles, their world is not a real world? Will it be a world like the human world? The answers to these questions are unknown, but what we know is that such a theory is not necessarily wrong.

For these theories, some people put forward a more specific concept – “holography”. What is holography? Holography is an object. No matter how many pieces or how small it is, we can learn all about it from one part of it, because their structure and foundation are the same. In terms of the relationship between its core theory and the universe, it means that every part of the universe is the universe, contains all the information of the universe, and has the same structure and the same change process as the universe.

If these theories are true, in which universe is our universe? In which grain of sand in which universe? Is there a “human” in the same shape as us, stepping on this grain of sand carrying our universe with his feet?

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