Scientist: if the other end of the black hole is a white hole, it means that interstellar exploration will soon be realized!

As we all know, black hole is a destroyer. It is a kind of celestial body with infinite density and infinitesimal volume. It has strong gravity and will absorb the celestial bodies around it. Even if the matter entering the black hole has the speed of light, it can’t escape, because the light doesn’t escape, so the black hole can’t be seen directly.

Because black holes cannot be observed directly, they can only be judged indirectly. Objects will release heat before inhaling the black hole, and the high temperature gas will produce radiation, so scientists observe the black hole through the radiation rays. And it’s worth noting that the object entering the black hole can’t escape, so where did it go? If it really disappears out of thin air, will the whole universe be completely destroyed?

The answer is definitely not like this. Corresponding to black holes, scientists put forward the concept of “white hole” under the inference of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The “white hole” is still a hypothetical celestial body, or a mathematical model, relative to the black hole. The scientific community defines a white hole as an ultra-high density object with the opposite nature to a black hole. It does not absorb the surrounding celestial bodies, but continuously ejects all kinds of materials and energy. However, due to the limited observation range, the white hole has not been found.

From the black hole and white hole hypothesis, people put forward a more exciting hypothesis, white hole is the black hole to absorb things and then gush out, then white hole and black hole are interconnected! Imagine that what goes into a black hole will be released from a white hole in a parallel universe. Isn’t this the shuttle of the universe!

In such a large range of the universe, the fastest speed known at present is the speed of light. But according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we know that the speed of matter can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, but can not exceed the speed of light. Even when the speed of light is reached, the speed of light in the universe is like a snail, which can’t meet the requirements of interstellar exploration. If we can’t find a way to surpass the speed of light, it’s impossible for human beings to explore in the universe. But if the black hole and the white hole are connected, then the dream of human beings to complete the interstellar exploration is no longer a dream.

However, it should also be noted that before entering the black hole, the matter will be torn by the strong gravity of the black hole. If it cannot resist such gravity, it cannot enter the black hole. And the material ejected from the white hole is also trivial and scattered, so this kind of shuttle will be fatal. Of course, scientists also assume that there must be some matter in the universe, so that it can safely enter the black hole without being destroyed. Whether this kind of matter exists, whether black holes and white holes are connected, these are all things that human beings need to verify and explore.

Human civilization is not only on the earth, but also in the universe. Let’s wait and see. In the near future, Star Trek will no longer be a dream!

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