Scientist: maybe we are all wrong, the survival of alien life may not need oxygen at all!

With the development of science and technology, human beings have gradually shifted their vision beyond the earth, eager to explore the unknown beauty of the universe. But when we have a preliminary understanding of the vastness of the universe and the smallness of the earth, all kinds of inconceivable and problems will linger in our minds, and the mysterious veil of the universe can not be opened now, and no one knows its true face. People can’t help but think that in this unknown universe, will there be other civilizations like human beings, or intelligent life?

This problem is not only troubling us, but also troubling authoritative experts. There are many rumors about alien life on earth. Although there are some remains or clues, they can not absolutely prove that there are such a group of intelligent life like us. In the end, we should start from a scientific point of view, and scientists have been looking for strong evidence.

Theoretically speaking, we have always generally believed that the growth conditions of intelligent life must depend on water, sunlight and oxygen. Just like us human beings, these are our necessities. Without these factors, we can not survive. Recently, however, some scientists have declared that life once existed 19 kilometers underground of the earth where we live! And 19 kilometers, what’s the concept?

Under normal circumstances, there may be life within 10 kilometers underground. Although there are few, there are still some special creatures that can survive underground. But if you want to live 19 kilometers underground, you need to bear extremely hot temperature and unbearable pressure for life. What kind of tenacious creature is it to survive in such a place?

Take Mars around our earth as an example. Mars is one of the most suitable planets for human habitation. Mars has liquid water and dry ice, and it also leaves traces of the ocean on Mars. This shows that hundreds of millions or billions of years ago, the environment of Mars was more suitable for the birth and reproduction of life than that of the earth, but later the crustal movement on Mars gradually decreased, and the atmosphere began to become thinner, gradually forming the present dilapidated appearance. And there are still lakes on Mars today, just because the atmosphere is no longer suitable for human survival.

If you think about it carefully, light is one of the solar systems among the stars we know well. What about the whole galaxy? What other planets beyond the Milky way that we don’t know but are more suitable for the reproduction and evolution of life? No one can answer, and the whole scientific community is at a loss. The limited ability of science and technology makes it impossible for human beings to explore further distances, and they can only rely on imagination and reasoning. And our exploration of alien life is also very contradictory. We want to know that we are not alone in the Unknown Universe. We are also worried about the war and invasion after the discovery of advanced civilization.

People always say that there are many strange things in the world. Alien life may really exist, and we can’t measure the living conditions of other life by our own standards. I believe that in the near future, when the technology is strong enough, there will be a day when the water will come out, and now, everything is unknown.

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