Scientists are very excited about their important discovery on this planet. Why?

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Four billion years ago, after the earth formed a perfect ecosystem, early life was born in the ocean. After billions of years of evolution, the early simple life finally gave birth to intelligent life millions of years ago. After millions of years of evolution and development, human beings entered the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago.

When human beings from birth to enter the era of science and technology, they have experienced countless hardships, but this is a process that the intelligent civilization must go through. Only when we enter the era of science and technology can we enter a new chapter and open a new era. With the help of science and technology, we have more knowledge of many things in the world.

We use the power of science to constantly uncover the mysteries of things, and constantly abandon those superstitions handed down from ancient times. The power of science and technology is beyond our imagination. It not only breaks the essence of many things, but also goes out of the earth to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, we really understand the meaning of the word vastness. Before going out of the earth, we think the earth is vast and vast, but when you look at the earth from the universe, you will find that it is just a very small planet. The real vast is the universe we don’t know how big it is.

When people feel the vastness of the universe, they will also think of the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Before human beings go out of the earth, many people may doubt the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life, but when we really go out of the earth, this doubt no longer exists. In the face of the vast universe, if there is only one life planet, the earth, then we are just looking at the sky.

There is no need to doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life, but we still need to really search for extraterrestrial life if we want to make the speculation come true. For human science and technology now, we have no ability to go out of the solar system to explore. If we want to find extraterrestrial life, we can only find it in the solar system. And the most likely place for extraterrestrial life in the solar system is a planet with water and its own ecosystem.

When human beings just walked out of the earth, they regarded Venus as a planet with possible life. However, when we arrived at Venus and saw its bad hell environment, the possibility of life on Venus was ruled out by us. Later, scientists took Mars as a key exploration target and speculated that there might be life on it.

But half a century later, although we found organic matter and water on Mars, and we have more knowledge about it, we still haven’t found any life on Mars. So scientists turn their eyes to other planets. Besides Mars, what other planets in the solar system may have life?

Scientists think of some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. As we all know, Jupiter and Jupiter, as the eldest and second of the planets, have a large number of moons around them. Among them, some moons are covered by thick ice, and there may be liquid ocean under the ice. Among them, there may be life. For example, Europa is a huge reservoir of the solar system, on which there may be more water resources than the earth.

Europa is a planet that scientists guess has the possibility of life. In addition to it, there is another satellite that makes scientists excited. It is Titan. It is the largest satellite orbiting Saturn and the second largest in the solar system. The reason why this satellite has attracted great attention of scientists is that it is the only satellite in the solar system with a thick atmosphere. You know, a thick atmosphere is very important for the birth of life on a planet.

The atmosphere is an important condition for the birth of life on a planet, because a planet with an atmosphere will probably have a very good ecological environment on its surface. Only the planet with ecological environment is a living planet, and life can be born. Although Titan is only a small satellite, it has a thick atmosphere, so there is a great possibility of excellent living environment on its surface.

Scientists launched a probe into Titan. After the probe broke through Titan’s atmosphere, it captured some pictures that excited scientists. Unfortunately, just as the probe was preparing to land closer to Titan, an accident happened, and the probe fell for unknown reasons, so it failed to land on Titan. Although the probe did not land on Titan, it still took some precious photos of Titan’s surface before it fell.

Through these few photos, we can initially see the real surface of Titan, which is a very good ecosystem with a large number of lakes and huge oceans. The existence of liquid lakes and oceans on the surface, coupled with a good ecosystem, is not this the ecological structure needed for life? Is there life on Titan?

At this time, some people may ask such a question: Titan’s location is not a livable zone. It should be a very cold environment. Why are there lakes and oceans on the surface? Being able to ask this question shows that we are all very careful. It’s true that Titan’s environment is very cold, but there are liquid lakes and oceans on the surface of such a cold environment, which means that the material that makes up these lakes and oceans is not water.

It’s true that the material that makes up Titan’s lakes and oceans is not water, but methane and ethane. I believe you are not unfamiliar with methane. The main component of natural gas we use every day is methane, and the main source of methane on earth is microorganisms. How did the methane on Titan come from? Is it also from life?

If only some methane was found on the surface of the planet, it would not excite scientists. However, Titan’s methane has formed rainfall under the effect of low temperature, which falls on the surface, forming a perfect circulation system between lake and ocean, atmosphere, rainfall and methane ocean. There is a liquid ocean in this circulatory system. Although the constituent material is not water, there is still a great possibility of life.

In fact, in terms of the conditions for the birth of life, although water is the basis for the birth of life on earth, it may not be the basis for the birth of all life in the universe. The basis of the birth of life in the universe is organic matter, and methane is a very important organic matter. If a methane ocean has been formed on a planet for a long time, it is still possible to give birth to special life based on methane in the role of ecological cycle system.

Such special life is still carbon based life, just like life on earth, except that the material needed for survival is not water but methane. Of course, for all this, we are still guessing that we know very little about Titan. Because it is protected by a thick atmosphere, it is difficult for orbital probes to see its surface clearly. Therefore, only when the probe lands on the surface can we know whether there is life on Titan.

However, with the current technology of mankind, it is difficult to land on Titan safely and successfully. We can only look forward to the further development of science and technology in the future, and then we will send a probe to Titan to thoroughly uncover the mystery of its life. Although Titan is more likely to have life than Mars and Enceladus, it will not be a habitable planet for human beings in the future. The reason is that there is no water on its surface and it is a methane ocean. Even if it is transformed, it can not be a planet suitable for human survival.

Although Titan is unlikely to be a suitable planet for human survival in the future, it is of great importance to human beings. The huge methane resources on Titan are necessary for human beings. As long as we have the ability to get in and out of Titan safely, we can extract a lot of methane for human use.

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