Scientists are worried about the discovery of the detector 10000 meters under the sea. What has been discovered?

The earth is a beautiful planet whose ocean area accounts for 71% of the global area. In this blue planet, there are tens of millions of all kinds of creatures and intelligent human beings.

The birth of human beings has upgraded the earth from a life ball to a civilized planet, changed the fate of the earth greatly, and brought infinite hope and bright prospects to the future Earth. However, human beings also have a lot of behaviors, which have brought great damage to the earth’s ecological environment.

The rise of human science and technology has made our life more and more beautiful and let us go out of the earth to explore the mysteries of the universe. However, human science and technology has also led to the rise of industrial pollution. A large number of greenhouse gas emissions have led to the rising global temperature. Various natural ecological changes brought about by high temperature are also significant. The ice and snow in the north and south poles are melting, the sea level is rising, and typhoons, Floods and other natural disasters occur frequently.

In fact, human activities also have an important pollution, that is, a large number of garbage emissions, whether it is people’s daily life or industrial production, will produce a lot of garbage every day, where does the garbage go in the end? Some of them turn into other usable materials and return to people’s daily life or industry through garbage recycling.

However, most of the domestic waste is in the state of loose discharge, they can not be effectively recycled, and they are thrown everywhere in nature, polluting the environment. An important discharge channel of domestic waste is the ocean, which accounts for 71% of the world’s total area. Such a vast area will not be missed by human beings. Therefore, we will find that there are garbage everywhere in the ocean.

The Pacific Ocean has an island of four million tons of garbage. Many people have also named it “the Eighth Continent”. Now some people have called it “garbage island republic”. Some organizations also want to turn it into a country. Therefore, they have submitted an application to the United Nations to build a country made of garbage, hoping to be officially recognized. Today, the number of applications from Islanders in this “Republic” has reached 120000.

This garbage island is a microcosm of the marine pollution caused by human living garbage. It is just the tip of the iceberg of countless marine garbage. In fact, in recent years, the pollution of marine garbage has not only been limited to the surface of the ocean and the shallow sea, but also in the deep sea. The Mariana Trench is the deepest ocean in the world, with a depth of more than 10000 meters.

Whether human diving probes are advanced or not, they all aim to dive into the deep seabed of the Mariana Trench. A Japanese submarine probe also went deep into the deep seabed of the Mariana Trench. Here, the probe found unimaginable unknown marine life, and also found something even more unimaginable for scientists, so scientists are worried. The mysterious things discovered by the probe in the deep sea are actually domestic garbage.

In the past, human beings have also explored the deep sea, but in addition to finding some strange deep-sea creatures, nothing else has been found, and it is even more difficult for things in the human world to appear in the deep sea. But now, the detector found plastic and other domestic garbage at the bottom of 10000 meters, which shocked people.

These domestic wastes can appear in 10000 meters of deep sea, which shows that there are a lot of domestic wastes in the ocean. There are domestic wastes in the deep sea, let alone in the shallow sea, where they may have been surrounded by domestic wastes. It’s very difficult to decompose these plastics as domestic waste. It’s easier to decompose them on land when exposed to the wind and sun. However, once they enter the sea, they are difficult to decompose with the protection of sea water.

Some people may think that there is more domestic waste in the ocean, which is just a little ugly and has little impact on human beings. However, scientists don’t think so. There are more and more domestic garbage in the ocean, which may not only pollute the marine environment, but also threaten human health.

We all know that seafood is a very important food resource in human food, especially the natural fish resources in the ocean, which is loved by many people. We can often see marine fish on our dinner table. But you know what? Maybe in the fish you eat, there is domestic garbage.

Fish in the ocean are mainly concentrated in the shallow water, they basically eat everything, whether it can be digested or not. The domestic garbage in the ocean has naturally become the food of fish. The plastic garbage will be swallowed by fish, some of which will be digested, and some of which will not be digested. Whether they are digested or not, they are caught by fishermen and finally come to our table.

Therefore, it’s very difficult for us to eat truly pollution-free marine fish now. Sometimes we will find plastic household garbage in the stomach of fish. Can we eat such food healthily? It may have a very small impact on human health, but over time, it will also have a great impact on human health.

What’s more, once the amount of domestic waste increases, it will also become a threat to fish. The sea water will be polluted and a large number of fish will die. If the oceans are constantly polluted by these domestic wastes, then in the future, the earth will not have a piece of green land. The terrestrial ecological environment is constantly polluted and damaged, and now the marine ecological environment is also constantly polluted and damaged by domestic wastes. If so, where is the future of the earth? Where is the future of mankind?

It can be seen that environmental pollution has become the most important and threatening problem for human beings. All over the world are actively exploring the problems of garbage collection and garbage treatment. China has also started the new regulations of garbage classification some time ago, so that people can classify different kinds of garbage in their daily life, which can effectively reduce the impact on the environment and destroy the environment Bad.

Of course, to solve the problem of human domestic waste and industrial waste, we should mainly rely on science and technology. Only when science and technology are sufficiently developed and more advanced waste treatment equipment is available, the problem of domestic waste pollution will be naturally solved. We can imagine that in the future, the treatment of domestic waste is very simple. Every family has an advanced small garbage processor. No matter what kind of waste it is, it can be effectively decomposed and processed.

In this way, nature has no garbage discharge, and the ecological environment will gradually improve, returning to the beautiful scene of blue sky and white clouds again. However, it still needs a long way to go to realize the small garbage disposal into thousands of households. We do not have such advanced technology and equipment, and scientists need to make continuous efforts to study. We should also pay attention to the pollution of marine domestic waste, so that people don’t throw garbage into the ocean, otherwise we may never eat fresh natural seafood in the future.

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