Scientists believe that dinosaurs may not be extinct, they evolved into a new species

The earth has a long life history of nearly 4 billion years. In such a long time, different times have their own dominant creatures. But time is merciless, it can erase the traces of all living things. Although biological fossils can be preserved for a very long time, they will also disappear if the time is too long.

So what was life like before the earth was too early, and what overlord creatures appeared? Now we don’t know, and some paleontological fossils that we can explore and discover now can only be traced back to 300 million years ago. The biological fossils that were too early have been basically erased by time.

Therefore, the development of scientists’ research and exploration of the life history of the earth also started 300 million years ago. That was the time when insects dominated the earth. Insects were extremely large. An ordinary Dragonfly could have a wingspan of 2 meters, and a centipede could have a body length of 3 meters.

After the end of the insect age, a new overlord class creature came on the stage, that is dinosaur, which is also one of the most well-known ancient creatures. Scientists have found a lot of dinosaur fossils from all over the world, which shows that dinosaurs at that time were all over the world, and they were really dominant creatures. Moreover, dinosaurs were very big, and they were absolutely the top of the food chain, so that era was also called the dinosaur era.

Dinosaurs have dominated the earth for a long time, up to 160 million years, which is much longer than the existence of human beings. A dominant race that can dominate the earth for 160 million years must be very remarkable, but even such a great dinosaur did not escape the fate of extinction.

About 65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers hit the earth. The huge impact force triggered a dramatic change in the earth’s ecology. In this dramatic change, dinosaurs disappeared and completely withdrew from the stage of history. So are dinosaurs really extinct in this extinction event? The scientific community also has different views on this.

Some scientists believe that dinosaurs may not have been extinct, the surviving part of the dinosaurs finally evolved into a new species, a continuation to the present. Some people may have said that more than 80% of the earth’s species were extinct in that mass extinction event. As a large-scale creature, dinosaurs were the overlord of the earth, so it was impossible for them to escape. What kind of dinosaur will survive?

In fact, many people have a misunderstanding about dinosaurs, that is, they think that dinosaurs are huge terrestrial creatures like Tyrannosaurus Rex. But in fact, dinosaurs are just a general term, not just a certain kind of dinosaur. It is equivalent to a biological family, such as Ursidae, which is classified by modern scientists. There are many kinds of bears under the Ursidae category.

In the same way, dinosaurs are just a general term, under which there are many types of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs began to rise in the Pangea continent division movement 230 million years ago, and rapidly grew from the initial 5% to the later 95%. That is to say, after the plate division movement ended, 95% of the creatures on the earth belonged to the dinosaur family system.

And in the huge dinosaur family, in addition to the existence of land dinosaurs, there are water dragons living in the water, and flying dragons flying in the sky. If you want to ask which of these three types of dinosaurs is more survivable, I believe many small partners will answer: Flying Dragon.

Yes, in any age of life, creatures with wings and the ability to fly have a natural survival advantage. Some changes in land and sea have little effect on flying creatures. They can choose their habitat at any time. If they are terrestrial and marine creatures, it is not easy for them to migrate.

For example, if you go from one piece of land to another, and there is an ocean barrier between them, then the creatures on the land can’t migrate. But for flying creatures, the ocean is unstoppable, unless the distance is particularly long. Therefore, when the asteroid hit the earth, it caused a dramatic change in survival. The land and the ocean must be the most involved, and the dinosaurs living on the land and the ocean were also very difficult to survive, and finally could only be extinct.

But for the long winged dinosaurs who could fly, they could fly to the sky for the first time, and then choose a safer place to live. In addition, the flying speed of dinosaurs is also very fast. In the age of dinosaurs, although dinosaurs were all over the world, dinosaurs on different lands were basically separated and could not gather together.

And the only dinosaurs that can survive on various lands are probably the ones that can fly. Relying on the advantages of speed and unstoppable sky, they can go to various dinosaur gathering places on earth to survive. Therefore, after the mass extinction, the land and sea have been earth shaking, and the ecology has undergone dramatic changes, but the impact on the air is relatively small.

Even if the asteroid hit the earth and ushered in ecological upheaval, then every corner of the earth can not be very bad. If so, the extinction rate of the earth’s creatures will be 100%, and no life will be left behind. Even if 20% of the creatures did not die out, it means that there was still pure land on the earth at that time.

The only thing that can find a piece of pure land is probably the flying dinosaurs. They can fly in the air, constantly looking for where they were not affected by the mass extinction, and then they can survive, waiting for the past of the mass extinction and the ecological recovery. Therefore, 65 million years ago, with the advent of the era of dinosaur extinction, some flying dragons may have found the pure land, and then survived and escaped the extinction.

After the end of the mass extinction, the earth’s ecological self-healing, the earth returned to the beautiful scene before. However, the earth’s ecological things at this time have also undergone tremendous changes as before. If those living creatures, including flying dragons, want to survive in the new environment, they must comply with the rules of nature and evolve in the direction conducive to survival.

After the extinction of dinosaurs, the earth’s new ecological environment has a basic rule of living things, that is miniaturization. That is to say, organisms should be miniaturized, and large numbers of giant creatures like dinosaurs are not allowed. So, after the fifth mass extinction 65 million years ago, mammals came on the stage. Mammals are relatively small creatures. Compared with dinosaurs, they are basically small. This is the choice of nature.

The surviving dinosaurs that can fly at this time have to comply with the laws of nature and continue to evolve to small ones. This kind of evolution from generation to generation, finally dinosaurs evolved into a modern species, some people may say, among the many modern creatures, which one is the descendant of dinosaurs?

In fact, scientists have been exploring and studying this problem. Although there is no definite answer, through a lot of research and analysis, scientists believe that the most likely modern creature to be the offspring of dinosaurs should be a popular food in the human world: chicken.

Yes, the chicken that we are very familiar with in today’s society may be a modern creature that evolved step by step from dinosaurs that did not die out. I believe this result will surprise many friends. Unexpectedly, after dominating the earth for 65 million years and dominating the earth for 160 million years, dinosaurs have finally become such a weak existence.

It may be a tragedy to many people, but from the perspective of the biological chain, we will find that the choice of those flying dragons who have not been extinct is so correct. If the flying dragon evolved into other birds at that time, it might not be as weak as it is now, but the possibility of extinction in modern times is very high.

We should know that after the birth of human beings, with the growing strength of human beings, human activities make many birds continue to extinction. But only one kind of creature not only did not die out, but developed more and more, they are chicken. Chicken has become a kind of poultry. It is a meat food that human beings like very much. Therefore, we breed a large number of chickens. If we want to ask which animal has the largest number in the world, it is estimated that it is chicken.

In 2002, scientists made a general statistics. At present, there are about 19 billion chickens in the world. This is only a conservative estimate. As long as the human nature of eating goods and the character of eating chicken remain unchanged, the number of chickens will not decrease and the population of chickens will continue. Even if all other creatures are extinct, as long as human beings are not extinct, then chickens will not be extinct.

Is it right or wrong for dinosaurs that did not die out? From the perspective of ethnic continuity, this is a very wise and wise choice.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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