Scientists break into “camera spies” in penguins, one of them is the boss, the other is the junior

In order to better understand the lives of penguins, BBC specially made rock camera, Penguin camera and penguin egg camera to record the real life of penguins more covertly. The silly penguins accepted the existence of these cameras, and even regarded the penguin cameras as companions. The cameras followed the penguins to complete the shooting task excellently, and a lot of interesting things happened between these Penguin agents and penguins.

The cameras captured the real life of penguins. We can see that penguins can be called the most conscientious parents in the world. Their hard migration is to breed and raise the next generation. They traveled thousands of miles to go to the place they thought was the most suitable for breeding, and started the whole breeding process, from building a love nest together to producing an egg to carefully hatching the egg Young penguins, Penguin fathers and Penguin mothers have a clear division of labor. They know that their children need to bear the responsibility of raising together. Penguin fathers even undertake more important hatching work. They make men feel inferior to themselves. They know how to sympathize with the hard work of their wives in giving birth. As soon as the eggs are born, they carefully take over and hatch them by themselves, so that the enterprises can grow Mother geese return to the sea to recuperate and forage, so mother penguin and father Penguin take care of baby penguins and forage alternately, and use their lives to protect and nurture their next generation.

Due to the entry of penguin spies, there are also some small episodes in the hard and happy breeding process. Rock leaping Penguin claims to have only one partner in his life. When a male penguin was waiting for his lover for a long time, he started a little errand to express his love for our camera penguin and arrange his feathers for him. Fortunately, the original mate arrived in time and started chasing and beating “Xiao San”, then quickly returned to his lover’s arms to enjoy the world of two.

Although giving birth is the most important thing for them, it is inevitable that some Penguin babies will die. When seeing the penguin egg camera, Penguin couples are ecstatic. They gently put the heaven given “eggs” into the pouch and hatch carefully. Unfortunately, they can’t succeed in the end. The cute little penguin camera has also become the focus of the attention of the middle-aged and old penguins. It has to be said that the design of these “spies” is too real, and they have successfully cheated the cute penguins!

There is also such an interesting scene, because the “Penguin camera” of the researchers can only act in one posture. After a long time in the Penguin Group, our “Penguin camera” seems to become the leader of the Penguin Group, followed by a group of “little brothers”, and even the walking posture of these “little brothers” imitates the leader, which is so cute!

This kind of vivid photography angle let us really into the penguin’s life, and the penguins so hard to reproduce and protect the next generation is also very shocking, which even makes many human beings feel inferior. Perhaps it is only because of their tenacious efforts to protect their own population that people still have a chance to see this lovely creature today!

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