Scientists Changbai Mountain found “see light dead” creatures, but dare not open, afraid

There are many protected plants in the scientific community, but with the change of environment, many rare plants and animals are facing extinction. Because there are purchasers of rare plants, and rare animals have become extinct objects. The more rare the plants are, the higher the market demand is. Today, let’s talk about the next creature that science thinks is very precious. This creature is called “death in sight” (which will not be disclosed).

Changbai Mountain rare plant reserve

Up to now, there is no scientific method to cultivate this plant, and few people have found it. Of course, the better a creature is known, the faster it will become extinct. Recently, Changbai Mountain Academy of Sciences discovered such a creature. But this bioscientist didn’t want to make it public. They were afraid that because of his words, this creature would become a new target of extinction.

Rare plant reserve of changbeishan Institute of Science

Changbai Mountain is one of the best places in China’s ecological reserve. There are many creatures that people have not found here. However, with the migration of time, many people are looking for rare creatures and plants here, and they are gradually destroyed. The ecological area of Changbai Mountain is too large, so the management is not as good as expected. Scientists claim that many people are doing research specimens here now, and many plants have begun to die out. It’s really a pity.

Wild Rhodiola in Changbei mountain

Scientists say Rhodiola is the most famous one in Changbai Mountain. However, due to the anti hypoxia effect of wild Rhodiola, many people and cars have set foot in Changbai Mountain since it was published, and even set up processing plants around it. Now this kind of plant is also beginning to die out, and the artificial cultivation of Rhodiola has no effect of wild Rhodiola, so wild Rhodiola has become a more precious plant. Also began to enter the era of robbery.

Sabina vulgaris in Changbai Mountain

In recent years, Sabina vulgaris and paclitaxel have also become the targets of persecution, because they have some anti-cancer effects. Some people don’t understand these effects. They just listen to these effects and collect them crazily, even the newly emerged seedlings. Scientists are very sorry for this. Every time science finds one, it will destroy one. It’s really unimaginable.

Cultivated plants

Scientists in Changbai Mountain have now studied new plants. Many of them have been artificially cultivated, and they don’t have to hide them. Because the rare plants cultivated by people themselves have these effects, these rare plants can be preserved for a long time. And those who have not been found, artificially cultivated plants have been hidden in their hearts, do not want to lead scientists to extinction of new species because of a word. We should protect the rare species rationally. Only when we protect the rare species well and enrich them, it will be more beneficial to us. Have you done anything wrong with science? Did you destroy a rare plant creature?

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