Scientists cite a number of facts to prove the existence of prehistoric civilization, evolutionism or wrong

Since stepping into the universe, human beings have been surprised by the vastness and mystery of the universe. The universe is so big that we can only observe the mysterious charm of the universe through astronomical telescopes, and the only thing we can send detectors to observe is the solar system.

The earth is just an insignificant asteroid in the universe, but the mystery of the earth is no less than that of the universe. For human beings, the study of the earth itself is the most real. After all, we can see and touch it. However, with the continuous discovery of archaeology, human beings are more and more ignorant of the earth.

According to the archaeological findings of scientists, the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. It has experienced several biological deaths, and the earth has gone through countless storms to the present. And we humans are just the intelligent life of the sixth generation biosphere of the earth. Scientists call these ancient civilizations prehistoric.

The existence of prehistoric civilization has been proved by a lot of archaeology, such as the discovery of a 1 billion year old nuclear reactor, a pyramid in the waters of Bermuda delta, several ancient underpasses in Peru, and objects suspected of batteries tens of thousands of years ago in Africa. These historical relics tell us that prehistoric civilization really exists. Even the earth once gave birth to a real interstellar civilization, and then it may leave the earth and go to the center of the galaxy.

Although a lot of relics of ancient civilization and some related records have been found, the most wanted information about the underground world is very little. Human beings only live on the surface of the earth. The real secret of the earth is actually the interior of the earth. Human beings know very little about the interior of the earth, because our current science and technology can’t go deep underground to explore.

According to Darwin’s theory of biological evolution, under the influence of time, any creature will constantly change, but if we refer to the development of the earth, it seems to be against common sense. According to all this, some experts speculate: could it be that human beings were born as early as 2.2 billion years ago, and social civilization developed to the peak, and then due to certain conditions, human civilization continued to degenerate?

There are records about the underground world on earth, but people regard it as a kind of myth and superstition. But scientists don’t think so. They think that there may be a small world inside the earth, and there are civilizations. Will the human beings in the underground world be the prehistoric civilization?

Scientists have said that since the birth of the earth, there have been six generations of civilization. Human beings are the sixth generation. Where are the last five generations? Destroyed or gone somewhere else? It is unlikely that they will be destroyed. As I said just now, some prehistoric civilizations may have entered the interstellar civilization, and science and technology are quite advanced. Later, the earth’s natural environment may have changed dramatically, or it may be that the explosion of super planets in the universe affected the earth, and the earth suffered a devastating disaster.

If prehistoric civilization has entered the interstellar age, they will certainly be able to observe these disasters in the universe many years in advance and make countermeasures. At this time, prehistoric civilization will take human beings away from the earth, the solar system and other galaxies to find new homes. Some of them do not want to leave the earth, so they migrate to live inside the earth to avoid the devastating disaster caused by the explosion of cosmic supernovae.

At present, our science and technology can not explore the interior of the earth, but we believe that with the progress of science and technology in the future, not only can we build long-distance spaceships, human civilization will enter the real interstellar age, but also there will be breakthrough progress in the exploration of the interior of the earth. As long as we can develop more powerful drilling machines in the future, we can enter the interior of the earth for exploration, perhaps We’ll be able to get in touch with the underground.

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