Scientists control monkey brain to “make decisions” through technology, AI controls human brain, or not far away

In the evolution of human history, ape primates play an important role. They are the common ancestor of human and baboon. Scientists have found that primate genes have the potential of evolutionary language. Through relevant experimental comparison, experts found that the brain of human and primates is connected with language pathway, including auditory cortex and frontal lobe. In addition, primates intervene in their final decision-making behavior in the face of choice, just like humans, neurons play an important role.

Scientists find out how humans make the final choice through brain reactions – neurons play an important role

We all know that it’s important for everyone to have a choice. To be able to make the final choice according to our own conscious ideas shows that we have the ability to control ourselves. When a piece of Matcha cake and a cup of cappuccino are placed in front of us, which one will we choose first, the brain cells directly above our eyes will react. Scientists have found that every time we are faced with a choice, the brain cells directly above our eyes will discharge, and then activate various neurons in our brain. The harder it is to choose, the faster these brain cells will discharge.

The brain is the most complex part of the human body. There is a special area in the human brain, which is called the key brain area. It can evaluate the important mechanism of human response to external information, and can guide all kinds of behaviors, not just choice. They can guide learning, emotional and motor control, etc. In this brain region, neurons can be activated by the most important information. Neurons in the human brain do not exist in isolation. They are interconnected to form an extremely complex neural network. Many people will ask how these neurons transmit information? In fact, they process information in a way that transmits electricity. It is no exaggeration to say that the human brain is a small universe.

So where are the neurons that can make the final decision for humans?

Although there are many kinds of neurons in the brain, and each neuron is interconnected, the neurons that can finally make decisions for humans are located in the orbitofrontal cortex, which is the brain area above the eyes related to goal-directed behavior.

In order to confirm that neurons play an important role in human brain, researchers from the University of Washington Medical School chose a rhesus monkey to do experiments. Rhesus monkey is the common macaque we see in our daily life. It is the most famous one of the macaques. Many important scientific experiments are carried out on rhesus monkeys. At the beginning, rhesus monkeys were also important participants in space travel. In this experimental study, the scientists selected different kinds of drinks, not only lemon flavored soda, mint tea, watermelon juice, but also grape juice, apple juice and so on. The scientists placed these different kinds of juice in front of rhesus monkeys to see how they made the final choice.

Scientists have found that for rhesus monkeys, in addition to one of their favorite juices, other juices are also their favorite. So it’s not so easy to make the final decision in the face of many juices. Rhesus monkeys will carefully focus on these juices and make the final choice with their own eyes. In this scientific experimental study, experts found that the value of the activity coding options of neurons determines the final decision.

In order to study the relationship between the coding value of neurons and selection behavior, in further experiments, scientists placed microelectrodes in the frontal cortex of rhesus monkeys. The painless stimulation produced by the microelectrodes represented the neurons of each selection value. The current delivered through the electrodes stimulates the neurons of rhesus monkeys. The neurons and the current intensity determine the choice of rhesus monkeys. When rhesus monkeys consider one of the options, scientists will increase the intensity of current delivery. When the brain of rhesus monkeys is disturbed, according to the calculation of relevant disturbed data, rhesus monkeys prefer the option of low-level current stimulation, which scientists believe is more suitable They concluded that low levels of electrical stimulation make it possible for animals to choose a particular choice in a predictable way. That is to say, the subjective value of calculation in orbitofrontal cortex can guide decision-making behavior.

It can be seen that scientists can directly control the subjective consciousness of rhesus monkeys and guide them to make the final choice by implanting microelectrodes into the brain of rhesus monkeys and stimulating the response of current discharge. After intervening in neurons, rhesus monkeys will follow the instructions of scientists.

So can AI control the human brain in the future?

American scientists have realized the control of monkey brain neuron activity, this artificial science experiment has important research value, many netizens can’t help but ask: “the control of monkey brain has been realized, can AI technology realize the control of human brain?” Because the physiological structures of humans and primates are similar, the results of this study have to be pushed to another level. Can AI technology control the human brain in the future?

When it comes to this problem, I have to tell you the principle of AI controlling the brain first. When a person loses his legs, he will be installed with a prosthesis. At this time, computer AI software will be used to read the electrical signals transmitted by the brain current, and then these nerve signals will be converted into action commands, which are generally divided into implanted and non implanted. In this way, the disabled can use the prosthesis to help them re-establish the brain Get athletic ability.

Herali’s “a brief history of human beings” once mentioned such a view: in the process of human evolution, once wild wheat, rice and so on, have become human crops. Farmers continue to work hard to irrigate, cultivate, remove insects, and make crops grow better and better. When this generation of farmers die, his descendants will continue to cultivate and take good care of crops like him But in a way, crops like wheat control human beings, but we don’t realize that. Personally, today’s artificial intelligence has controlled us. In the next few years or decades, after mastering the principles of AI, we can further upgrade our technology. For example, we can establish an AI model to let people know what they want to do, what they want to do, and a lot of neural network information. After mastering and recognizing through AI, we can control the brain by manipulating the artificial neural network.

But this kind of control is not real control, it can only activate our brain cells and control a single neuron in the brain. For example, when we can’t control our emotions and want to do extreme things, we can change or stop our conscious behavior through the control of AI. Strictly speaking, this kind of control is not real control, but partial control. For example, American scientists have implanted microelectrodes into the brains of monkeys to control their right of choice, but this kind of control is one-sided, such as the physiological reactions of monkeys, and it is still unable to achieve comprehensive control.

AI control of the human brain can be involved in the field of medical treatment to help us overcome medical problems

Nowadays, people’s life is more and more big, especially in the face of the old and young middle-aged people, their pressure is tens of times greater than ordinary people, and more and more people are suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases, such as our most common depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia and so on. Patients with these diseases have a common problem, that is, unconsciousness, emotional disorder These diseases are caused by abnormal changes in different functions of different cortical areas of the brain. When they are happy, they are not happy. When they are not happy, they are abnormally excited. The main reason for this abnormal reaction is that the neurons corresponding to their brains make mistakes.

If the future science and technology is mature, AI simulation can be realized to repair and activate these neurons, and intervene in the future medical field to treat these difficult diseases. In the complex brain, after AI identifies and controls the brain, it repairs the neurons with previous problems, restricts and coordinates other neurons, and completes the precise procedures, so that people with neurological and mental diseases can gradually return to the normal state. Of course, the premise of AI in simulating and controlling the human brain to treat some diseases is to ensure that it will not cause harm to the patient, and it will not continue to control the patient’s brain after cure.

After AI controls human brain, we can’t ignore moral and ethical issues

If AI can really control the human brain, in my personal opinion, this may not be a good thing. For example, the moral and ethical issues we face can not be tampered with. AI brain control has a major breakthrough in the field of medicine, which can be used to treat many diseases, and even delay human life expectancy. However, if this technology is widely used in the future, without principle, it will violate the moral and ethical issues. For example, if we use it to control or monitor others, we can say that the future development of AI will deviate.

From the current point of view, if AI develops according to the normal principle, all cheap labor will be replaced in the future. Artificial intelligence can help us save a lot of costs. Although this is a good thing, it goes against the principle of normal social development, because many distribution systems and economic systems in our society can not be replaced by artificial systems. Once they are replaced, I will be happy We will have earth shaking changes, which is also a threat to mankind.

In the continuous development of science and technology, we should follow the human civilization and respect every life, because it has the right to exist in the world. No matter how advanced AI technology is in the future, it can not replace our human civilization. In the continuous development of human society, we should give civilization to the years and respect the law of natural development!

Some people say that artificial intelligence will make human beings self-contained. What do you think of this problem

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