Scientists created the “magnetic wormhole” in the laboratory for the first time, making it possible to travel through space in the future

Since the moment we stepped into the universe, we have a strong interest in the universe. There are too many mysterious things in the universe that we need to explore and solve. However, limited by the speed of spaceships, 99% of the space can only be observed through astronomical telescopes. It is impossible to explore them on the spot.

We know that the universe is vast. Does the universe have boundaries? How big is the universe? At present, scientists have no answer. At present, the most advanced astronomical telescope can see galaxies billions of light-years away, but it has not seen the boundary of the universe. The universe is too big. The distances between planets are all calculated in light years. With the speed of the earth’s current aircraft, even if it is too old to reach the earth like planet nearest to the earth.

If we want to explore the space, it is inevitable that the speed of the spacecraft will break through. At present, our thruster fuel is hydrogen. Now we are studying nuclear fusion propulsion. If we can really achieve nuclear propulsion, maybe the speed of the spacecraft will have a qualitative breakthrough. But this is far from enough. It’s OK to explore the solar system at this speed, but if you want to go out of the solar system and explore exoplanets, you should at least reach sub light speed.

The speed of light is regarded by scientists as the limit of speed, which can be achieved in theory, but it will take half a year to realize and apply it to the space shuttle in reality. Even the speed of light, in the universe, may only detect less than 10% of the sky. If we want to explore further, we need to fly faster than light. The speed of light is still in the theoretical stage. For human beings, it is too far away.

In addition to the speed of light, superluminal flight, some scientists have also proposed a faster navigation mode, that is, through the wormhole.

In short, “wormhole” is a space-time tube connecting remote regions of the universe. Dark matter keeps the wormhole exit open. Wormholes can connect parallel universes with baby universes and provide the possibility of time travel. The wormhole theory was put forward by Einstein. We have seen this speed pattern in many science fiction movies or novels. It is hundreds of light-years away and can be reached instantaneously through wormholes.

After wormhole was first proposed, many people thought that it was impossible. It was just a myth and could not be done in reality. But later, through continuous theoretical research and some experiments, scientists thought that wormhole was possible. In the universe, we also found some objects that may be natural wormholes, such as black holes.

Last year, Spanish researchers created a tiny magnetic wormhole for the first time. They use it to connect two regions of space so that the magnetic field can move “invisibly” between them. This experiment has successfully created a tunnel to lead the magnetic field from one place to another, but these are not real wormholes, because they do not make the magnetic field undetectable or “invisible” when they travel in the tunnel.

Although this is not a wormhole, this experiment has proved to us that since the magnetic field can move so rapidly, the future entity must be able to do the same. Wormholes may be used by advanced civilizations in the universe for long-distance intergalactic navigation. Otherwise, it’s not easy for you to reach a place with thousands of light, even if the speed of light exceeds the speed of light. Only this kind of wormholes can make the spaceship span dozens or hundreds of light years in an instant. Man made wormholes are the only means of advanced civilization. They are far from what we can make.

There may be some natural wormholes in the universe. These wormholes were formed naturally at the beginning of the formation of the universe. Some civilizations in the universe that did not make artificial wormholes may use these natural wormholes for interstellar navigation. Human beings are far away from making artificial wormholes, but if we can find some natural wormholes in the universe, it will be a great breakthrough for human beings to explore the universe.

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