Scientists discover “the second earth”? 385 days a year, is human migration possible?

Although human beings have reached the top of the food chain and created brilliant scientific and technological civilization, there are still many factors restricting human development on the earth. If the earth’s environment reaches the critical point, then human civilization may be facing the end. Scientists believe that the earth’s environment can no longer be repaired, so looking for another livable planet has become a top priority.

Since the last century, scientists have focused on the universe. If one day the earth can no longer satisfy human survival, where should we go? Many people think that human beings should not be the only intelligent life in the universe, and the earth should not be the only planet that breeds life. Since habitable planets have appeared in the solar system, other habitable planets should also appear in the boundless universe. In order to find the second earth, scientists have launched many probes and satellites into space. The United States is also a big Aerospace country, so naturally, American scientists have found more than other countries.

“Second earth” found?

In 2009, NASA launched the Kepler telescope, hoping to use it to discover known planets. As a result, scientists have found a number of exoplanets with living conditions by using Kepler telescope. One of them has attracted scientists’ attention, which is kepler-452b. Scientists found that the planet’s revolution period is 385 days, which is only 20 days different from the earth. This means that the planet may be very similar to the earth and may have the conditions for life.

After scientists’ research, it was finally found that the diameter of Kepler is only half larger than that of the earth, and its mass is five times that of the earth. That is to say, the environment of kepler-452b is no different from that of the earth. Moreover, through spectral analysis, scientists found that there is likely to be an atmosphere on this planet. After a long period of research, scientists found that this planet also revolves around kepler-452b star. The mass and volume of this star are similar to that of the sun, but its life span is 1.9 billion years earlier than that of the sun. That is to say, the radiation received for survival on this planet is not very strong. There is no doubt that this planet has become a potential planet in the eyes of scientists.

Does this mean that humans can live on this planet? In fact, compared with other planets in the solar system, kepler-452b obviously has more conditions to breed life. Although it is superior in all aspects, there is still an insurmountable gap for human beings to survive on this planet, that is distance.

This planet is 1400 light-years away from human beings. With the current scientific and technological means of human beings, it is just a fable. Even in the future, human beings will not be able to break through such a long distance, so scientists believe that this planet can only become a research target, not a choice for immigrants. Xiaobian thinks that instead of pinning our hopes on the second earth, we should establish the awareness of environmental protection. If we can revitalize the earth’s environment, why go to other places to start over? I don’t know what you think?

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