Scientists discovered the “mysterious” celestial body, entered the earth in December, and will make a comeback in February next year?

The earth in the universe is just an ordinary star among thousands of stars. Asteroid impact will happen in the universe every moment. Therefore, the living environment of the earth is not absolutely safe. In order to monitor the earth’s environment, scientists have been paying attention to every move of asteroids. In February of this year, American scientists made an amazing discovery that an asteroid is flying towards the earth.

When scientists found it, the asteroid was still orbiting the sun. Because its orbit is very close to the earth, it means that one day it will be attracted by the gravity of the earth and become an asteroid around the earth. At first, scientists thought that like other asteroids, it came from the asteroid belt, but after close observation, it was found that the speed of this asteroid was too slow. This is very different from the speed of our common asteroids, and its cycle is very similar to that of the earth.

The true identity of asteroids

Therefore, scientists believe that this asteroid is not natural, but an artificial product, and this small object is also named 2020so2 by them. Scientists re studied the asteroid and found that it was in the orbit of the earth until 1967, so they thought it might have left the earth after 1966. In order to understand its secret, scientists began to read a lot of information. They thought that 2020so2 might be Centaurus, the rocket launched by NASA in 1967.

Small objects are


At that time, the level of rockets was very limited. After entering the universe, many detectors could not return to the earth even after the debt ended. They could only float in the universe. Centaurus is one of the Rockets, because decades have passed, many people have forgotten its track. Now that he’s back in earth orbit, he’s likely to be a big killer.

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Running track of SO2

In fact, in addition to Centaurus, there are countless space debris in the earth’s orbit. These space debris will pose a great threat to the earth in the long run. According to the prediction of scientists, although 2020so2 will come to the earth in December this year, it will not directly fall to the earth’s surface. It will be captured 50000 kilometers away from the earth, and then run around the earth. It will return to the earth in February next year, but it will not affect us.

According to the latest point of view, some people think that 2020so2 may be rock debris on the surface of the moon. After all, the speed of rock debris is also very slow. If you want to reveal its secret, you can only wait until December this year. What do you think?

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