Scientists failed to find dark matter, but were very lucky to find a lot of gold

When human beings enter the era of science and technology, they find that the world is a material world. At first, people thought that any matter could be observed and detected by human beings. However, in 1922, the astronomer captan discovered some anomalies by observing and studying the motion of the star system.

Through these anomalies, Kaptan indirectly infers that there may be an invisible material around the star. This invisible matter is the dark matter that scientists have been searching for. Dark matter is a kind of invisible matter that may exist in the universe theoretically. It may be the main component of cosmic matter, but it does not belong to any known matter that constitutes visible celestial bodies.

After Kaptan deduced that there might be invisible dark matter in the universe, a large number of scientists began to explore it. Although up to now, we have no direct evidence to prove the existence of dark matter, through a large number of observation data, scientists have generally agreed that there is dark matter in the universe.

Corresponding to dark matter is visible matter, that is, matter that can be observed by our naked eyes and modern scientific and technological equipment, including various particles. The human eye can only see the macroscopic visible matter, while the microscopic particles and other substances need microscopic observation equipment to see. However, whether it is macro or micro, we can’t observe and find it with current technology.

Scientists want to understand what dark matter is? First of all, we need to really find dark matter, so in the past decade, scientists have been looking for dark matter on earth in addition to launching dark matter detectors into space. According to scientists, dark matter is ubiquitous in the universe, and its content may account for more than 85%.

If so, the main matter that makes up the universe is not the visible matter that we can see, but dark matter. Moreover, scientists also realize that the birth of the universe, the expansion of the universe and the operation of various rules of the universe may be dominated by dark matter and dark energy. In particular, the rapid expansion of the universe, scientists basically believe that dark matter and dark energy in the ghost.

Visible matter makes up the visible world that we can see, the visible universe. So, with so much dark matter, do they form another dark matter world that we can’t see, the dark matter universe? Scientists speculate that this possibility is still very high.

To solve this series of mysteries related to dark matter, we need to find dark matter. What is the essence of dark matter? Scientists have a conjecture that it may be a “weakly interacting mass particle”, which existed when the universe was born and expanded.

In addition to searching for dark matter in space through the dark matter detector, scientists have also formed a scientific research team to search for dark matter everywhere on earth. One of them, a team from Australia, is exploring around a mine in the hope of discovering the legendary dark matter. You know, if there is a scientific team that can really discover dark matter, it will definitely be a big event in the world, and winning a Nobel Prize is basically a certainty.

The team did a lot of exploration around the mining area, but still did not find the possible existence of dark matter. When he was disappointed, the detector was destroyed by unknown particles. Through research, it was found that the particles that destroyed the detector were muons, which could only be emitted by heavy metals.

That is to say, there are precious metal mines around the mining area, so the scientific team continued to explore and finally determined that these heavy metals are gold. A dark matter exploration and search, but inadvertently found a gold mine, which for this scientific team, it is naturally a huge surprise.

Now the team has started to set up a company to dig out the underground gold. Although the specific reserves of this gold mine are not yet determined, it is a very valuable heavy metal. Even if the reserves are not too much, it is enough for the members of the scientific team to become rich. Moreover, the scientific team has specially designed a muon detector that is only the size of a mobile phone. Today, the muon detector not only provides them with food and clothing for the rest of their lives, but also applies for a patent for the muon detector. The patent fee alone makes them rich.

Through this event, we can also see the power of science. In the modern impetuous society, many people just live for money. If any industry makes money quickly and can make a lot of money, people will rush to seek for gold. For example, in recent years, the direct industry has been booming, and many young people have focused their career on live broadcasting.

And the popularity of the live broadcast industry has indeed made many young people rich in a short time and become a net hit. But human civilization can go to the present glory, relying on science and technology, only science and technology can make human take off. Scientists are the pioneers of science and technology. They can not only lead human beings to a better and stronger tomorrow, but also quickly realize the wealth that ordinary people can’t achieve in their lifetime.

Maybe in the eyes of many people, scientists can only earn a fixed salary, the income is not high, far less than those stars, net red earn more. But let’s not forget that science and technology can bring infinite possibilities. Maybe the average income of scientists is not as high as that of stars. However, once scientists have made great contributions to a certain field of science and technology and developed a new technology product, the product may become rich instantly.

For example, just now we said that the scientific team searching for dark matter, relying on science and technology, inadvertently discovered a gold mine and made a fortune. Without the help of technology, you can’t find gold even if it’s everywhere. Therefore, science and technology is the future of mankind, and the richest people in the future are not stars, not Internet Celebrities, but scientists.

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