Scientists find something in the deep sea that shouldn’t appear, so we should be on our guard

The earth is a beautiful blue life planet, and human beings are the only intelligent life on this planet. The birth of mankind has upgraded the earth to a civilized planet, while the earth’s rich resources are also promoting human development.

Although human beings are the overlord of the earth, there is not much space for human survival. As we all know, 71% of the earth’s surface is ocean, and only 29% is land. One third of it is desert. Besides some primitive jungles, the habitable area of human beings is really limited. This may be one of the reasons why housing prices are increasing with the increasing population.

With the help of science and technology, we have a better understanding of the earth, go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. The earth is a sphere, which can be divided into surface, ocean and underground. Humans and most creatures live on the earth’s surface. With the help of satellites, we have a very comprehensive understanding of the earth’s surface.

However, we know very little about the ocean and the interior of the earth, especially the interior of the earth. Due to the limitation of science and technology, we can not go deep into the underground exploration. We can only carry out fuzzy exploration through seismic waves, and naturally we know very little about it. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, with diving equipment, we can also dive into the deep sea to explore.

There are also creatures in the deep sea. At the same time, there are many mysteries. At present, the deepest ocean known by human beings is located in the Mariana Trench, with a depth of more than 12000 meters. At present, human beings can also reach this depth through diving equipment. So what is there in such a deep sea? After scientists went deep into the ocean below 10000 meters, they found some strange deep-sea creatures, and at the same time, they also brought disaster to some things that should not exist.

These things should not exist, so that scientists worry about the future of mankind, so what are these things? It turns out that they are common plastic products in our daily life. Maybe many people think that if these plastic products sink into the deep sea, what impact will it have on human beings? In fact, they have a great impact on the future of mankind.

We all know that the rapid development of human science and technology needs a lot of resources, which are basically non renewable resources on the earth, and the over exploitation of resources will also destroy the ecological balance of the earth. At the same time, the waste gas and wastewater from various industrial production are also constantly polluting the environment. Therefore, we will find that in recent decades, the ecological environment of the earth has been deteriorating, and it is time to go In recent years, this situation is more and more serious.

2019 is the year of El Nino. The natural disasters caused by extreme climate change make many people feel the ruthlessness and destructive power of nature again. El Nino phenomenon is the evil result of the continuous destruction of the environment by human beings. In addition to the pollution caused by the waste gas and wastewater, there is another kind of pollution that is also very serious, that is white pollution.

The white pollution is mainly caused by plastic products. Now we can see plastic bags everywhere in our daily shopping. Some plastic waste is recycled and decomposed, but most of the plastic waste is still in a state that cannot be decomposed, and some of it flows into the ocean. The ocean can be said to be the main dumping place for human beings, a lot of plastic waste is poured into the ocean.

These plastic wastes are very difficult to decompose naturally, and they are even protected by the sea water when they enter the ocean. They may not decompose for thousands of years. These plastic wastes are sinking in the right side of the ocean, and some of them have even sunk into the deep sea below 10000 meters. These plastic wastes in the ocean will be eaten by fish and other marine organisms, and they are difficult to digest, stored in the stomach of fish and slowly decomposed.

After being caught by fishermen, the fish in the sea enter the market, and finally enter thousands of households, and then enter the stomach of human beings. You may think that the fish I eat is very clean and there can be no plastic. But in fact, according to a set of data released for the first time by the world environmental protection organization last year, the content of micro plastics in the human body has been increasing.

Where do these micro plastic components come from? Most of them are caused by eating food. Some of them are caused by eating some plastic products by mistake, but most of them enter the human body in the form of molecules. For example, after the plastic products are swallowed by the fish, they are decomposed in the stomach of the fish and penetrate into the fish in the form of molecules.

We then eat fish like this, and these plastic molecules indirectly enter our bodies. In the long run, it will affect our health. No wonder scientists will be very surprised to see plastic waste in the deep sea and worry about the future of mankind. If plastic waste is found in the deep sea, it means that the white pollution in the ocean is very serious.

If we want to eliminate the pollution of white plastics in the ocean, we have to strengthen the garbage collection, so that the garbage, especially the plastics, should not be directly poured into the ocean. However, with the current technology of human beings, the complete recycling and application of garbage can not be popularized. At the same time, we should also strengthen people’s awareness of environmental protection. Protecting the earth’s ecological environment is not a matter for one or two people, but a matter for the whole people to participate in.

Only when all human beings have a strong sense of environmental protection, can we effectively avoid the white pollution in the ocean. If we don’t pay attention to this, once the ocean is completely polluted, it will be very difficult for us to eat seafood without pollution in the future, and the pollution of the ocean will also aggravate the deterioration of the earth’s ecology, and make the earth gradually become a planet unsuitable for human survival. At that time, we may have to leave the earth, provided that human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation And find a second planet suitable for human production, otherwise we can only die with the death of the earth.

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