Scientists find something inside the earth. What is it? Or about the extinction of dinosaurs!

What does dinosaur extinction have to do with? There is something strange inside the earth. Scientists are silent after seeing it!

When it comes to the earth, many people think that they have a deep understanding of the earth. In fact, their understanding of the earth is very limited. We all know that the earth is composed of the crust and the core of the mantle. We don’t know their real role. All the creatures on the earth live on the top of the earth, that is, the surface of the earth. In real life, human beings live on land for a long time, so they know nothing about the water. In addition, they can’t breathe in the water, so their cognition of the ocean is very limited.

The plan of digging through the earth initiated by the Soviet Union

The internal situation of the earth is more complex. Human beings only know about the life on land, but not the internal situation of the earth. Once upon a time, the former Soviet Union started a huge project, which was to dig through the earth. The Soviet Union has made remarkable breakthroughs in science and technology, economy and other fields. In order to dig through the earth, it spent a lot of manpower and material resources, and eventually dug to more than 12000 meters. It’s a pity that this experiment was forced to stop before we reached the innermost layer of the earth. Why on earth?

Later, after understanding, some real experienced people said that the temperature of the earth’s interior rose sharply after the excavation of more than 1000 meters, which exceeded the temperature that human beings could bear. What’s more, it was frightening to hear the howling of beasts. Moreover, after digging for such a long time, nothing useful was found. If we continue to dig, maybe the result is the same, so the Soviet Union stopped the experiment, and the interior of the earth is much deeper than we thought. What does dinosaur extinction have to do with? There is something strange inside the earth. Scientists are silent after seeing it!

Until the 21st century, with the improvement of science and technology, human beings have finally developed a mantle detection instrument. Through this instrument, we can detect the things existing in the earth’s interior. When scientists were studying, they were surprised to find that the elements in the mantle are generally unevenly distributed, with a lot of content in some areas and almost no content in some areas. This kind of situation has never been encountered before, which arouses scientists’ strong curiosity. After careful understanding, scientists speculate that it may be related to the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Why do they say that?

The cause of dinosaur extinction may be revealed

The most convincing argument of dinosaur extinction is the impact of an asteroid, which has infinite power. Once it hits the earth, it will bring devastating disaster. From the current research results, the possibility of uneven distribution of mantle elements caused by asteroid impact on the earth is great. Perhaps the meteorite has been integrated with the thick crust, resulting in uneven distribution of mantle elements. There are more elements in the impacted area and less elements in the non impacted area. So far, scientists don’t know how big the diameter of the falling meteorite is or how powerful it is. All they can do is guess. Unfortunately, dinosaurs were completely extinct in that disaster and disappeared.

The power of asteroids is infinite, no one can escape. Everyone should cherish what they have now. These are all given by nature. There are many protective stars around the earth. They are always related to the safety of the earth. If it were not for them, the earth might have disappeared and mankind would have gone extinct. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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