Scientists found 2.2 billion years ago ancient tunnel, there are murals, who carved them?

The word prehistoric civilization is no stranger to us. Many scholars and scientists speculate that there might have been other intelligent civilizations on the earth before the birth of human beings. In the history of Mayan civilization thousands of years ago, some information about prehistoric civilization is also recorded.

According to the records of the Mayans, the first civilization on the earth was the “gandaya civilization”, which appeared about 300 million years ago. First of all, from the appearance, we can see that gandaya are much shorter than human beings. Their average height is only about one meter. Although they are short, their average life span is more than 300 years.

One of the most obvious characteristics of the individuals of the “gentaya civilization” is that they have a third eye, which is a special eye with super power. And the third eye we used to think is a legend, but through the research of scientists found that the third eye does exist, it is the pineal gland in the brain. However, the pineal gland began to calcify from the age of 7 and lost its vitality.

The position of the pineal gland is very close to the position of the third eye in the legend. Therefore, scientists believe that it is the third eye of human beings, but we have not yet discovered its magical ability. Perhaps a long time ago, the pineal gland was far from what it is now. Instead, it was really able to exert some special abilities. Only later did it degenerate step by step in the process of continuous evolution.

The second civilization is Mesopotamian civilization, which originated in Antarctica. The Mayans believe that this kind of civilization was actually established by the gentayans who survived the disaster. The third civilization is the Sumerian civilization, and the fourth civilization is the familiar Atlantis civilization, which is a mysterious and powerful civilization nearest to us.

Whether the four prehistoric civilizations recorded in the Mayan civilization really existed has not yet been determined. To prove the existence of prehistoric civilization, we need to find some relics left after the disappearance of prehistoric civilization. Only by finding relevant relics and records can we prove the existence of prehistoric civilization.

The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. The earliest life was born 4 billion years ago, and human beings were born millions of years ago. If we count from Homo sapiens, it is only a few hundred thousand years from now. Millions of years is a very short time compared with the life history of the earth.

In such a long period of billions of years, has there really been only one intelligent civilization? You know, the evolution of life is amazing and rapid. It only took more than 2 million years for human beings to evolve from the ape without wisdom to the wisdom civilization, and billions of years are composed of tens of millions of years.

Even if the cycle of civilization is completed every few hundred million years, there are not many civilizations on earth. Of course, these are just some of our conjectures. We can’t prove anything until we find enough evidence. Scientists are also actively exploring for possible prehistoric civilization relics.

In constant exploration and search, scientists have really found some unusual things, such as the discovery of an ancient tunnel 2.2 billion years ago. As we all know, there are many tunnels and caves on the earth, some of which are artificially dug, some of which are naturally formed. So is this ancient tunnel 2.2 billion years ago formed naturally or dug artificially?

After continuous research, scientists believe that the possibility of natural formation of this ancient tunnel is very small, it is very likely that it was artificially dug. And scientists also found traces of biological activity in the tunnel, and some strange murals were carved on the wall of the tunnel.

These murals can tell us that there were intelligent creatures living in this tunnel, and some things were recorded on the cave wall through depiction. However, we still can’t know what these murals recorded and what they express to us?

Seeing this, many people may say, can the murals of 2.2 billion years ago still survive? You know, time is a ruthless knife, it can erase all traces of existence. Even biological fossils can hardly be preserved for more than 2 billion years. The oldest biological fossil discovered by scientists is trilobite fossils, which are hundreds of millions of years ago.

There must have been more ancient fossils before the trilobites, but they have been erased by time because of the long time. Therefore, these ancient murals on the ancient cave wall are unlikely to have been carved more than 2 billion years ago. They were later carved.

So who portrayed these on the cave wall? How many years ago? It is also difficult for scientists to make clear that these murals are not likely to be hundreds of millions of years ago. It is possible that they were painted by human ancestors or prehistoric civilization.

We need to know that the place where human ancestors lived is often to look for some natural caves. This ancient tunnel may have been discovered by human ancestors hundreds of years ago, and then lived here, and depicted these things preserved until now. It is also possible that prehistoric civilization once lived in this tunnel for a long time, which led us to mistake it for an artificial tunnel.

This tunnel is more likely to be a natural tunnel, which formed the geological activities of 2.2 billion years ago. Later, after the earth’s crust stabilized, the ancient tunnel was discovered by the ancestors of human beings or prehistoric civilization, and it was regarded as a home for survival. Why do you think so?

We need to understand that to dig such an ancient tunnel, we can not do it by manpower alone, but by the participation of science and technology. Without the help of science and technology, relying on artificial digging may be more difficult than Yugong’s moving mountains. The ancestors of human beings or prehistoric civilization could not have spent such energy on it. Therefore, it is more likely to be formed naturally.

If the ancient tunnel turns out to be man-made, the problem will be more complicated. If the earth had existed prehistoric civilization and entered the era of science and technology, then even if hundreds of millions of years have passed, it is impossible that no trace of science and technology has been left. Take the present human civilization as an example. If one day human beings disappear, there will be traces of science and technology that human beings have existed not only on the earth, but also in space, the moon and Mars.

The environment of the earth may make the traces of science and technology unable to be preserved for a longer time, but they can be preserved for a very long time in space and on the moon. Even after hundreds of millions of years, they cannot completely disappear. But we have not found any traces of prehistoric technology on earth, in space or on other planets.

Therefore, if this ancient tunnel is man-made, it is unlikely to be a masterpiece of prehistoric civilization. If it wasn’t prehistoric, who would it be? This time we think of alien civilization. If you want to ask who was able to build a huge artificial underground tunnel by relying on science and technology 2.2 billion years ago, it is undoubtedly the extraterrestrial civilization from outer space.

It is possible that long ago, the earth had been discovered by alien civilization. Alien spaceships came to earth to investigate, built such an underground tunnel, and depicted something in their own way on the wall of the tunnel. This may also be the reason why we can not understand the meaning of these murals.

Of course, this is just our guess. What is the situation of this ancient tunnel 2.2 billion years ago? Scientists need to continue to explore and study, what is the meaning of murals on the cave wall, also need to be clear. Only when we have a clear understanding of what they mean can we be sure who portrays them.

It can be seen that the earth is far from as simple as we think. It is possible that many ancient legends are real things. It’s just that we can’t find the truth because it’s too old and time has erased everything.

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