Scientists found 24 exoplanets, or more livable than the earth, the earth is no longer perfect?

If the current environmental situation continues to develop, the earth will eventually be unable to bear the heavy burden and continue to nurture human beings. Although there are tens of thousands of planets in the universe, how many can really nurture intelligent life? So scientists have also focused on space migration. Mars has naturally become our goal. If human beings can successfully transform Mars, maybe we will also become new Martians.

Planet livable

With the development of science and technology, scientists have made some important discoveries. Up to now, scientists have discovered more than 4000 exoplanets. Although the environment of these planets is very different, and even many planets have very bad environment, there are also some planets suitable for life. Scientists sorted out these planets again, and finally selected 24 livable planets. These 24 planets do not mean that there are no shortcomings, but life may be more comfortable than the earth.

If scientists’ findings can be confirmed, does it mean that the earth’s environment is no longer perfect? The earth is not a different one, but an ordinary one. Scientists have found that some of these habitable planets are even older than the earth, which means they will have a longer period of stability. In today’s environment, the discovery of scientists is like a shot in the arm. The life span of the earth is closely related to the solar activity. If the sun eventually becomes a red dwarf, then the earth will disappear.

Did aliens show up?

But these planets that live longer than the earth will not have such problems. Human beings can live on these planets for a longer time and their living conditions will be more perfect. Some people have such a question. Since these planets are immutable, does it mean that there is life on these planets? In the vast universe, human beings are not the only intelligent life. Perhaps there have been traces of intelligent life on these planets. Perhaps due to natural disasters, or the shortage of resources, these lives have gradually disappeared. If scientists had not discovered these planets, perhaps they would have been submerged in the universe.

Therefore, it may be right for human beings to search for extraterrestrial life, but the environment of each planet is different. Maybe the existence form of extraterrestrial life is quite different from that of human beings, so we can’t identify it at all.

If we want to solve these secrets, we can only intensify our research. If we want to survive on these planets, speed and distance are two major problems. Therefore, we must create a further civilization in limited time, so that we can prepare for a rainy day. I don’t know what you think?

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