Scientists found a huge underwater structure, 150 kilometers long. Is it really a legacy of prehistoric civilization?

Prehistoric civilization has always been one of the problems for scientists to explore. Perhaps there are traces of prehistoric civilization in places that human beings have not noticed, such as mysterious deserts or unfathomable oceans, which attract scientists to explore. Once scientists found a huge underwater structure in a sea area, which is 150 kilometers long and can accommodate the next spacecraft.

The area, on Cocos Island in Costa Rica, was first discovered by a diver. His diving skills are excellent, and he is interested in scientific exploration, so he comes to the Cocos Islands to explore every year, and he is very familiar with this sea area. Not long ago, he found a huge underwater structure in this area. The location of this underwater structure can be found on Google maps.

This underwater structure is on the bottom of the sea

1800 meters deep

This huge underwater structure is of great research value for scientists to explore prehistoric civilization, which immediately attracted the attention of the scientific community. Many scientists came here to explore and analyze this underwater structure. They found that this underwater structure is a bit similar to the modern human airport, with crisscross lines and runways. This underwater structure is 1800 meters deep. Because its structure is very close to modern civilization, some people doubt that this is the highly developed Atlantis civilization?

Some people think that this structure is



According to records, Atlantis civilization is a highly developed civilization in the history of human development, which was recorded in Plato’s dialogue. At that time, Atlantis was the supreme ruler of the earth. They created brilliant material culture and built many large cities. Their economy was very developed, but because of a tsunami, they sank to the bottom of the sea and disappeared overnight. However, this conclusion has not been recognized by many scientists. First of all, whether the Atlantis civilization exists or not remains to be verified. According to the current data, it is impossible to identify this underwater structure as the Atlantis civilization.

Lemurian civilization

Maybe it has something to do with it

According to the position of Cocos Island in the ocean, it is closer to the Indian Ocean. Some people think that if the Lemurian civilization that the Martian boy said is true, then this underwater structure may be related to the Lemurian civilization. After all, they are very close. But this argument has also been refuted by many people. The earth has been in motion all the time. According to the law of plate motion, the Lemurian civilization had already arrived near Australia when it disappeared, so this waterline structure is not necessarily the Lemurian civilization.

Although the origin of this underwater structure is still debated, it represents the brilliant development of human civilization. Maybe one day in the future, human beings can solve the truth of it. What do you think this underwater structure is?

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