Scientists found a new earth like planet, about 201 light-years away from the earth, may be suitable for human survival

Mankind is the only intelligent life on earth. Since the birth of mankind millions of years ago, the earth, an ordinary planet of life, has been upgraded to a civilized planet. From then on, the fate of the earth will also change with the birth of human beings. After millions of years of evolution, evolution and development, human beings have formed the present scientific and technological civilization.

Human beings really began to develop at a high speed after entering the industrial revolution. The rise of scientific and technological civilization gave human beings the hope to explore the whole universe. At the same time, the rapid development of science and technology also accelerates the consumption of the earth’s resources, and the side effect is the continuous destruction of the earth’s ecological environment. The earth’s ecological environment is difficult to solve from the root.

Because the rapid development of human science and technology is bound to be inseparable from the consumption of a large number of resources, and the development of industry can not avoid a large number of greenhouse gas emissions, which is a very difficult result to reverse. Unless human beings can really develop clean energy without pollution and replace all traditional chemical energy, the deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment will be controlled and stopped at that time. However, the earth may have been almost destroyed at that time, and the earth may not be suitable for human survival.

When the earth can’t survive, what will human beings do? The only way out is to emigrate to other planets. In order to realize the wish of emigrating to other planets, it is necessary to find at least one new earth suitable for human survival. Therefore, with the help of science and technology, the main task of mankind is to explore a new earth suitable for human survival outside the solar system.

One might say, why don’t we look for planets in the solar system that can migrate? In fact, according to the exploration and study of the planets in the solar system, it is found that there is no other planet in the solar system that is naturally suitable for human existence except the earth. Also in the habitable zone with the earth are Venus and Mars.

However, the environment of these two planets is worse than each other. Although Venus is very similar to earth in size, mass and structure, scientists also call Venus and earth sister stars. However, the surface environment of a planet so similar to the earth is like purgatory. The surface temperature of Venus is as high as 460 ℃. The main reason is that the main component of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

Although the environment of Mars is much better than that of Venus, there are many differences between Mars and the earth in terms of mass, gravity and so on. Moreover, Mars has no magnetic field and its atmosphere is very thin, so it can not allow human beings to immigrate directly. Although scientists hope to transform Mars into a planet suitable for human survival, it is very difficult to transform Mars. Even if it can barely meet the needs of human survival, it is difficult to solve the problems of gravity and magnetic field.

Mars is just a temporary migration target made by human just in case. A new earth that is really suitable for human needs to be found outside the solar system. To this end, scientists launched a special Kepler space telescope to search for earth like planets. Its mission is to search for earth like planets in the galaxy, and then find a new earth that is very similar to the earth.

Through the search and exploration of astronomical telescopes, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets within a radius of 1000 light years, some of which are very similar to the earth. Last year, scientists found a new earth like planet, which is about 201 light-years away from the earth, and its star is a red dwarf. This earth like planet is in the habitable zone of the red dwarf.

According to the preliminary observation of scientists, the earth like planet is 1.6 times the size of the earth, which is a super earth. It’s likely to have water on its surface, as well as magnetic fields and the atmosphere. It may be a new earth suitable for human survival. However, through observation, scientists also found that this earth like planet is in a galaxy 1 billion years older than the solar system, that is to say, this earth like planet was born 1 billion years earlier than the earth.

Such a huge gap is not good news for scientists. We should know that planets with such a high similarity to the earth are likely to survive. We can not rule out the existence of civilization. If the period from birth to life of this planet is similar to that of the earth, then the life of this planet may have been born one billion years earlier than that of the earth.

If the intelligent life of new earth like planets is similar to the birth cycle of human beings, their civilization level will be one billion years earlier than that of human beings. One billion years is not a small gap. Even a pig may become a demon. No matter how slow the development of that civilization is, one billion years is enough to surpass the development of human beings.

If that civilization has also entered the scientific and technological civilization, the gap may be even greater. We all know that there is a big gap between science and technology every 10 years. The period of rapid development of human science and technology is only about 200 years. If there is a passage of time and space, modern human beings only need thousands of people, with modern military equipment and weapons, back to 1000 years ago, they can easily hang the world and unify the world.

This is just a thousand year gap, let alone a hundred million year gap. That’s a technological strength we can’t imagine. It is possible that the alien civilization 201 light-years away also discovered the solar system and the earth, a planet similar to their own. It’s just that we’re not sure whether the earth has the same intelligent civilization as them, so we didn’t come to us.

It is also possible that although their technological strength is much more advanced than that of human beings, the distance of 201 light years is also a very long journey, and they are not willing to spend a long time exploring the solar system. If a spaceship flies at the speed of light, it will take at least 201 years to reach a distance of 201 light years. If it flies at sub light speed, it may take more than 1000 years.

Of course, these are just our guesses. Although this earth like planet is 1 billion years older than the earth, the birth time of life may be even later than the earth. Now there is no intelligent life on this planet, which is very good news for us. Of course, humans may not be able to detect this planet for a long time in the future. The distance is too far for us.

In the vast universe, under the premise that the distance is in light years, if human beings want to realize interstellar migration in the future, the earth like planets that can be selected can only be near the solar system. In this way, when human science and technology realize sub light speed flight, it is also hopeful to arrive. The Tess probe, launched by scientists last year, aims to find planets near the solar system that are suitable for human survival.

There are also many galaxies and many earth like planets near the solar system. It is believed that similar to the earth, a new earth suitable for human survival is likely to exist. Such a planet is the hope of human migration in the future. Of course, the most important thing is that human beings should develop science and technology rapidly, especially energy technology. Only when energy is sufficiently developed, can we develop faster aircraft, explore more distant stars, discover more new earth and migrate to more distant stars.

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