Scientists found a new form of water, the original high temperature of 2000 degrees, can also form ice!

Scientists found a new form of water, the original high temperature of 2000 degrees, can also form ice!

Water is the source of life, we know the importance of water, the earth’s creatures are inseparable from water. Everyone knows that water has three forms. At room temperature, it is a liquid water. If the temperature is lower than minus centigrade, it will turn into solid ice. When the temperature reaches 100 centigrade, it will turn into steam, which changes with the temperature.

The most common thing we have is liquid water, which shapes everything on earth. If water does not exist one day, the earth will be changed beyond recognition. In many people’s inherent cognition, water only has these three forms. In fact, solid ice has a variety of crystalline states. It is understood that there are up to 19 forms of water, one of which is named ice 18. Its maximum temperature can reach 2000 degrees centigrade, which many people feel incredible. In daily life, boiling water is only 100 degrees centigrade, which is the highest temperature of water. I didn’t expect that water could reach 2000 degrees centigrade. What’s the matter? Scientists found a new form of water, the original high temperature of 2000 degrees, can also form ice!

At the beginning, we only thought that the maximum temperature of water was 100 degrees centigrade, because it would become like this under the standard atmospheric pressure. Under the standard atmospheric pressure, water would change with the change of temperature. If the pressure changes, many properties of water would also change. If the pressure is high, the boiling point of water and the melting point of ice will increase rapidly. If the pressure of water reaches a certain level, the shape of water will become unimaginable, which is called ice 18.

Many people think that this kind of ice is not common in life. In fact, it is widely distributed in the solar system. In 1986, Voyager 2 discovered the composition of Uranus system, which is composed of two ring systems and a new satellite. However, the magnetic field thermometer it carries is very confusing. Generally, the magnetic field of a star is divided into North and south poles. Voyager 2’s data are very complex, and its rotation direction is also different.

In order to explain this phenomenon, in 1988, scientists found a very abnormal substance in the interior of Uranus and Neptune, namely ice 18. Although it exists in the form of ice, it belongs to superionic conductor, which can be either solid or liquid. It is very strange. Some scientists believe that the reason why the magnetic field is abnormal is closely related to ice 18.

At present, people’s understanding of ice 18 is relatively shallow. This is an unconventional state, which is beyond the scope of human cognition. It can be seen that there are too many unsolved mysteries in the universe waiting for us to discover. There are not only ice 18, but also many ways of water existence, which need to be further studied and explored by human beings. Water is much more complex than we think. What do you think of ice 18 discovered by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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