Scientists found a red dwarf star, is quietly approaching the earth, human time is running out!

Scientists found a red dwarf star, is quietly approaching the earth, human time is running out!

Human beings are living carefree on the earth, enjoying a quiet and good life, but they don’t know that the earth is carrying a heavy load. The earth breeds innumerable life, and the growth of all things can not do without its moistening. It provides a lot of resources and comfortable environment to promote the rapid growth of all things. The earth is moving all the time, moving around the sun at the speed of 30 kilometers per second, which is easy to surpass. According to scientists’ guess, it only takes 22 minutes for human beings to run a full circle around the earth’s equator, and the difference between the speed of light and that of human beings is very fast.

There are countless stars in the universe. Among such a large number of stars, many scientists are worried. Is there a star that threatens the earth? The answer is unknown. Looking back to the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, the recognition of being hit by an asteroid is the highest. The sudden attack of an asteroid is very powerful. It can be imagined that if it hits the earth, it will bring devastating disaster. Scientists found a red dwarf star, is quietly approaching the earth, human time is running out!

Scientists found a red dwarf star

Scientists worry that the stars threatening the earth are not redundant, that all stars in the Milky way do not run synchronously, and that each star has a relative velocity. As time goes on, their distances get closer and closer, and they may collide directly. In 2013, Gaia satellite slowly went into space, with high accuracy and efficiency. Its purpose is to observe the stars in the galaxy and send back more star data for human beings. With these data, scientists can analyze which stars pose a threat to the earth.

According to the relevant research results, there is a red dwarf approaching the solar system, and the distance is getting closer and closer. If there is no accident, human beings have only 1.5 million years left. A person’s life span is only a few decades, and 1.5 million years is a distant number. However, scientists are still extremely worried that the red dwarf star found is “Gliese 710”. Its diameter is about 800000 kilometers, and its speed per second is extremely fast. Judging from its previous orbit, the probability of collision with the sun is not big, but it does not mean that there is no possibility that there is a strong gravity around the sun.

How powerful is this red dwarf?

Although the mass of this red dwarf star is half more than that of the sun, its gravity can not be underestimated. Although it can not influence the planets in the solar system, it can easily change the orbit of some small bodies. Don’t underestimate these small stars. No matter they hit the earth or the sun, they will bring unimaginable disasters. There are many craters on the surface of the earth, which are formed by the impact of these asteroids.

Many people think that the earth has a unique geographical location, but there are always accidents. At present, what human beings should do is to use the time of 1.5 million years to develop high technology and resist its coming. 1.5 million years is neither long nor short. If human beings can divert this red dwarf in the future, the earth will be saved. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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