Scientists found a super earth, 5.4 times the mass of the earth, but they were not happy

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for countless years. However, with the rise of industry and the rapid development of science and technology, the damage of human beings to the earth’s environment is becoming more and more serious. The earth’s resources are decreasing step by step, the global temperature is increasing year by year, the sea level will continue to rise in the future, the earth’s land will be greatly reduced, and the global population is growing year by year, the earth has begun to pull the alarm.

Sooner or later, the future Earth will not be able to bear, the future Earth will not be suitable for human survival, and at this time, human beings need to emigrate to the planet. But to immigrate, we must first fight to a planet suitable for human survival, which we call super earth.

The super earth must meet several conditions: sunshine, oxygen, water, magnetic field, atmosphere, geological structure similar to the earth, livable zone, rotation and revolution time similar to the earth.

The universe is vast. There must be many super earths that can meet the living conditions of human beings. Since stepping into the universe, many super earths have been discovered, including nearly 2000, but none of them really meet the above conditions. There are also some earth like planets that are too far away from the earth to be further understood by our current exploration technology.

One of them is gj-536b. When the planet was first discovered, scientists were happy for a while. They thought that the planet is located around the red dwarf star, and its temperature and heat should not be high. It may be suitable for human survival, and its mass is 5.4 times that of the earth.

However, with further understanding, it is found that this planet has only nine days of revolution, which is equivalent to only nine Earth days in the above year. This is not suitable for human survival, which will affect the growth process of human and other creatures. Some children may have said that the planet is good. Nine people can have a spring festival. Even if other conditions on the planet are suitable for human survival, the cycle of revolution is too short, and human life will be greatly shortened if they live on it. Unless human beings can undergo a new round of evolution and become new human beings suitable for the life cycle of the planet.

Gj-536b is not in the habitable range under the sunlight of its main star. For this reason, there is a great possibility that there is no liquid water on this planet. As we all know, because of the importance of water, there is a great possibility that there will be no life on this planet.

Although this planet disappoints mankind once again, we believe that a planet like the earth can be found in the vast universe. At present, human space technology is still in its infancy. Perhaps with the further improvement of space technology in the future, astronomical telescopes can see further and more clearly, and human spaceships can sail far away, we can go out of the solar system and go straight Then we go to the depths of the universe to look for earth like planets in a spaceship. No matter how good the observation equipment is, it’s not as clear as human beings going there directly. I believe that this day will not be too far away. In the future, human beings will be able to set foot in every corner of the universe, and their colonized planets will also spread throughout the universe.

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