Scientists found ancient stalagmites in a cave, which initially revealed the truth of the disappearance of Maya civilization

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Human beings were born millions of years ago. After a long evolution, with the emergence of characters around 5000 years ago, civilization has initially formed. There are four ancient civilizations in the world. Each of them was born at a different time, but they are all about 5000 years old.

According to the normal pace of civilization development, the human civilization just formed is only separated from the primitive civilization of the barbaric era, and it is relatively backward in all aspects. In the early days of many ancient civilizations, stone tools and wooden sticks were used, and the technology of smelting iron appeared later. Therefore, the ancient civilization that appeared about 5000 years ago is unlikely to have advanced technologies.

However, in the process of studying and exploring the remains of various ancient civilizations in the world, scientists have found a very mysterious civilization, namely the Maya civilization. I believe many people know that the end of the world in 2012 is a prediction of the Mayan civilization. The location of the Mayan civilization is in the American continent, which is a relatively remote and closed place, where the Indians lived in isolation for a long time.

But no one can imagine that in such a remote and closed place, an advanced civilization appeared 4500 years ago, which is the Maya civilization. 4500 years ago, mankind had just stepped out of barbarism and entered civilization. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to have a more advanced civilization. However, the Maya civilization found that the advanced level of this civilization was far higher than other civilizations of the same era.

The Mayan civilization has left many relics, so scientists can understand the true Mayan civilization more comprehensively through these relics. Archaeologists have learned from murals and related records that the development of Maya civilization is far beyond people’s imagination. They not only study the astronomy and calendar, but also have developed large cities.

I believe we are not unfamiliar with the word “science”. It is the continuous breakthrough of science that enables human beings to achieve their present achievements. However, the emergence of science is not very long, it is only a few hundred years ago, but the Mayan civilization has made great achievements in science, especially in astronomy.

The Mayan civilization has mastered the cycle of solar eclipse and the motion law of the sun, moon and Venus, and also calculated that the earth’s revolution cycle is 365.2420 days, which is 365.2422 days in modern calculation, with an error of only 0.0002 days, that is to say, the error of 5000 years is only one day. The estimated Venus year is 584 days, with an error of only 7 seconds compared with the modern calculation within 50 years. Incredible numbers! How could the Mayans have such accurate calculations thousands of years ago?

The architectural level of the Mayan civilization is very high. From the remains left now, we can see how powerful the architectural level of the Mayan civilization was at that time. In some aspects, modern architectural technology could not do it. In addition to these, the Mayan civilization has a very deep research and achievements in mathematics, and there is a more mysterious “Zhuojin year”.

Such an advanced Mayan civilization mysteriously disappeared in the 8th century B.C., and its sudden disappearance is still an unsolved mystery. For the mysterious disappearance of the Maya civilization, the scientific community has put forward a lot of conjectures. Some people speculate that the Maya civilization may have come from outside the earth. 4500 years ago, an alien spaceship might have been forced to land on the earth due to failure.

Because it took a long time to repair the failure of the spaceship, the aliens could only live on the earth temporarily, so the later Maya civilization came into being. They developed with their own advanced technology and became the most advanced civilization on the earth at that time. Later, the Mayan spaceship was repaired and left the earth by spaceship, leaving a lot of incredible relics.

Another kind of conjecture is related to the dramatic changes in the ecological environment of the areas where the Maya civilization lived. To find out the truth of the disappearance of the Maya civilization, we may have to place our hopes on the remains left by the Maya civilization and the exploration of the areas where they live. Through various studies, scientists speculate that climate may be an important reason for the extinction of the Maya civilization.

The Mayan civilization is located in Mexico. It is a tropical rain forest on the surface, but in fact it has a seasonal tropical desert climate. Among the related beliefs of Mayan civilization, the God of corn and the God of rain have a high position, which shows the important influence of agriculture on Mayan civilization. Therefore, scientists speculate that climate factors may have led to the reduction of crop yields, which forced the Mayan civilization to migrate. In the process of migration, it encountered various difficulties and eventually disappeared completely.

In order to find relevant evidence, scientists studied stalagmites in caves near the Mayan site to collect important clues about climate change. Because the formation process of stalagmite is very special, the climate information of the past thousands or even tens of thousands of years may be preserved in the stalagmite. The results show that the long-term drought in the region before and after the disappearance of the Mayan civilization is likely to lead to the extinction of the Mayan civilization.

Although scientists have made more discoveries and speculated that the disappearance of the Mayan civilization may be related to major changes in the climate of the living environment, there is still no definite answer as to whether this answer is correct. Even if the disappearance of the Maya civilization is really related to climate change, we still don’t understand how the advanced knowledge and technology of the Maya civilization came from?

We should know that the formation of an advanced scientific knowledge system in a civilization takes a long time. For example, China is also an ancient civilization. Both advanced mathematical knowledge and astronomical knowledge have been gradually formed through the efforts of generations. Astronomy, in particular, is only a few hundred years old.

However, the Maya civilization had very advanced astronomical knowledge. It was incredible to know the cycle of the earth around the revolution of Venus. Moreover, some of the murals in the Mayan ruins seem to describe the scenes of astronauts taking spaceships. If the things described in these murals are true, it means that the Mayan civilization may have mastered space technology.

These advanced knowledge and technology do not look like they were developed by the Maya civilization 4500 years ago. If they did not study it by themselves, there are only two possibilities. One is that the Maya civilization itself is not the local civilization of the earth, they come from outside the sky. The other possibility is that there were alien civilizations from outside the sky at that time, which imparted some advanced knowledge to the indigenous Maya of the earth at that time.

People are more inclined to the second possibility, because from the relevant records and relics, we know that the Maya civilization belongs to the stone civilization, and the Maya did not invent the use of bronze, let alone iron. This is very strange. If a civilization has mastered advanced mathematical knowledge and astronomy, how can it still be the primitive stone age?

In this case, it is most likely that the advanced mathematics and astronomy recorded by the Mayans were told by others. In fact, this is also very easy to understand. If there is an interstellar civilization coming to the earth now and telling us wormhole technology and space leaping technology, can we understand it? Of course not, because these knowledge systems completely subvert the existing science, we can’t master them step by step.

Although we can’t understand these disruptive space technologies, we will pass them on for future generations to study and explore. The advanced knowledge and technology of the Mayan civilization are the same. They may not understand what these are, and they can only record or carve them on the stone wall and pass them on from generation to generation.

Of course, the above is just our guess. There are too many mysteries in the Mayan civilization waiting for us to solve. Perhaps the mystery of their disappearance is not mysterious. It is really caused by climate change. It’s just that the origin of those advanced knowledge, especially the origin of astronomy, is mysterious. If they have researched it by themselves, they have to say that the Maya are really talented. If not, the truth behind it may be more complicated.

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