Scientists found meteorites in Antarctica, research has proved that Mars may really exist life!

Although the earth is a member of tens of millions of stars in the universe, it is also very majestic and mysterious for human beings. In the evolution of nature for hundreds of millions of years, it has left us very mysterious precious materials, especially in the north and south poles. Since modern times, scientists have always wanted to solve the mystery of the two poles, and this exploration process has been in progress. Every year, scientists set up survey stations in the north and south poles. In the last century, scientists found a meteorite in Antarctica. After years of research, in April this year, they finally came to the conclusion that this meteorite really came from Mars!

Scientists discover mysterious meteorite in Antarctic glacier

As we all know, Antarctica has not only vast glaciers, but also very rich permafrost, under which many prehistoric civilizations may be buried. Every year, scientists will study climate change here. That is to say, during this period, scientists accidentally found a piece of green rock at the foot of the glacier, which we have never seen before, so they took it back to study for the first time.

Scientists have found that this rock is different from other rocks on the earth. It looks very old and weighs 2.27 kg. Is it from ancient times? With this doubt, scientists immediately extracted the rock composition analysis, unexpectedly found that this rock is likely to come from Mars. Maybe the science and technology at that time was not very mature. After scientists reached this conclusion, they sealed up the meteorite, hoping that the following scientists could uncover its secret again.

There is life on Mars

In the 1990s, scientists took out this meteorite again for research, and found that there was a worm like biological fossil inside this meteorite. Combined with the previous data, does this mean that there is life on Mars? Of course, some people think that this conclusion is not reliable. We all know that there may be other organisms in the permafrost beneath Antarctica. Maybe this wormlike fossil entered into the meteorite from below Antarctica? It was not until April this year that nitrogen-containing organic matter was detected in meteorites, a discovery that has become a strong proof of the existence of life on Mars.

In some areas of the earth, we can find many craters, which are of great significance to human research. For example, a crater was once found in Mexico. Scientists believe that it was this meteorite that caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Due to the limited level of science and technology, the secret of this crater can only be studied by future generations.

The universe is always in motion, the planets have their own trajectory, and there will be planetary collision every moment. Therefore, we can find the material of another planet on the earth, which is of great significance for us to explore the universe. What do you want to say about this situation? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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