Scientists found “natural reservoir”, 100 times more than the earth, human migration is expected?

Scientists found “natural reservoir”, 100 times more than the earth, human migration is expected?

The population of the earth is gradually rising, and the area of occupied land is also increasing, which leads to the increasingly lack of resources on the earth and faces many problems. Especially in the Middle East, human beings have been facing the problem of water shortage, where water is even more expensive than oil, a drop of water can save a life, water is the source of life, and its importance is well known. Perhaps in many areas with abundant water resources, they are not willing to waste every drop of water in those areas with serious water shortage.

The importance of water to everyone

A person can not eat for several days, but he can’t help drinking water. Human body composition also contains a lot of water. The earth is also occupied by seven parts of the ocean, but there are very few fresh water resources available. Seawater must be refined and filtered to drink directly. Many people can’t help wondering why there are still many areas facing the problem of water shortage since the marine resources on the earth are so abundant? Scientists have said the reason. Although the earth is not short of water, human beings are recklessly wasting water resources. No matter how much water there is, it will be exhausted one day. In addition, the water in Shanghai contains a lot of impurities, and it needs complex processes to produce drinkable fresh water. Scientists found “natural reservoir”, 100 times more than the earth, human migration is expected?

In order to solve the problem of water, scientists focus on outer space, eager to find a planet rich in water resources in outer space, so as to solve the problems faced by human beings. Fortunately, our efforts have not been in vain. An astronomer has discovered a natural reservoir in the solar system. After the news came out, human beings were very happy, that is Europa. Some people speculate that if there was not enough water on the earth to transport water to this planet, Europa would have been discovered by Galileo for a long time. Due to the limited technology at that time, there was no in-depth study on it.

Europa has many conditions similar to earth

While exploring Europa, researchers found that there is ice layer with a thickness of 100 cm distributed on its surface. Not surprisingly, there is an underwater world under the earth, with a water storage capacity of at least 100 times that of the earth. This discovery made scientists ecstatic. They did not find any danger in Europa. The overall state of Europa is relatively stable, and there are few planetary collisions So we regard Europa as the second earth of human beings. If there is a big breakthrough in science and technology, human beings may be able to move here.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Europa has many conditions that are highly similar to the earth, but with such an excellent environment, we can’t confirm whether it has been occupied by aliens. Migration is not a matter of saying. It is much more difficult than imagined. There is an insurmountable gap in front of human beings, that is, the distance between the earth and Europa. With today’s technology, it takes more human and material resources to successfully land on Europa.

The environment of outer space is vacuum, so it is difficult for us to guarantee that there will be no risk when we fly the spaceship. Scientists have racked their brains, but they have not come up with a better way, so what we should do now is not to place all our hopes on Europa, but to cherish the water resources on the earth and make rational use of them, so as not to waste them easily. Only the earth is the most reliable. Do you think humans can migrate to Europa in the future? You can leave a message for interaction.

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