Scientists found new material, can resist external radiation, or become the earth “protective cover”!

Scientists found new material, can resist external radiation, or become the earth “protective cover”!

For girls who love beauty, the season they hate most is nothing more than hot summer. The hot sun shining on people not only causes skin blackening, but also causes skin damage. So girls will prepare all kinds of sunscreen, skin care products and so on to prevent tanning in life. Although a lot of sunscreen publicity is garish, few really work. Although businesses have also invented some sunscreen clothes, but these sunscreen clothes have limitations, and did not play a real role.

In order to effectively suppress the sun’s exposure, some people put forward bold ideas. Can we make a sunscreen that can resist ultraviolet radiation in the future? I have to say that this idea is very novel, and also provides more ideas for businesses. In 2017, the World Health Organization released an experimental report, which classified ultraviolet rays as carcinogens. If we were exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, we would suffer from skin cancer and other diseases, so we should thank the atmosphere. Because of the existence of the atmosphere, we are not so easily injured by ultraviolet rays. Scientists found new material, can resist external radiation, or become the earth “protective cover”!

The influence of cosmic radiation on human body

Not only ultraviolet, but also a lot of nuclear radiation is slowly devouring human health. Once upon a time, after astronauts landed in outer space, they received a lot of radiation, which is harmful to human body. They can’t see or touch, so astronauts will wear thick spacesuits, mainly to prevent radiation. Over the years, the research team has never given up looking for effective elements to suppress radiation.

In an accident, they found animal melanin. After taking it back to the laboratory for research, they found that selenium melanin can absorb radiation from the universe. So they came up with an idea: can selenium melanin play an effective role in sunscreen? To make sure that the experiment was safe, they used mice as subjects and injected melanin into their bodies. After being exposed to the sun for a period of time, I was surprised to find that its body was protected from radiation damage, which showed that this experiment was extremely successful.

The function of selenium melanin

If selenium melanin can be used in human spacesuits, it will not only speed up the exploration of the universe, but also make a greater breakthrough. It is like a protective film, which can effectively prevent radiation damage to human body. So far, whether it can resist all radiation remains to be confirmed. This discovery has excited scientists and provided a more novel idea. It will take a long time to add it to space suit and sunscreen clothing. If it is used properly, it will have a bright future and will be applied to a wider range of fields, even all over our country Life, these are possible.

However, scientists can not confirm whether it is harmful. This melanin can inhibit radiation damage, and whether it is harmful to human body is unknown. All in all, we are very lucky to find this melanin. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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