Scientists found seven earth like planets, 39 light-years away from the earth, and three are likely to have life

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for the second living home. Although the earth is the home where human beings have lived for countless years, with the rapid progress of human science and technology in the past century, the earth’s resources are also accelerating consumption. At the same time, the earth’s environment is constantly being destroyed, and the global population is increasing every year. Under various pressures, people will have to face the plan of emigrating to other planets in the future.

If we want to become a new home suitable for human survival, this planet should first be a terrestrial planet. Secondly, it should be in the habitable zone of its star system. The atmospheric environment, gravity and magnetic field of the planet should be similar to that of the earth. More importantly, there should be water.

There are eight planets in the solar system. Besides the earth, there are Venus and Mars in the habitable zone. The environment on the surface of Mars is so bad that it is not suitable for human habitation. Although Mars is similar to the earth, its environment is not very good, and its atmosphere is very thin. Whether there is water is still uncertain, and its gravity is relatively small.

However, although Mars is not the best choice for future human migration, it is relatively easy to adapt to human survival in the solar system. Before human beings have developed the technology for interstellar navigation, we may have to go to Mars for migration. However, to survive on Mars, we must establish a closed earth ecological environment.

In addition to exploring and transforming Mars, the more important goal of scientists is to focus on earth like planets outside the solar system, to see if they can find planets that are very similar to the earth, and planets that can live directly without any modification. Through astronomical telescopes, scientists have found many earth like planets in the universe. However, although some planets are very similar to the earth, they are too far away from the earth. If they are thousands of light-years away, unless human beings can master the technology of superluminal navigation, they will not be able to reach them at all.

However, only 39 light-years away from the earth’s solar system, scientists have found a galaxy similar to the solar system. This stellar system is a red dwarf star with a lower surface temperature, roughly the same size as Jupiter, only one eighth of the solar system. This stellar system also has many planets. Three of them are in the habitable zone, and the temperature is suitable. They belong to super earth. However, the orbits around these stars are too few, which is smaller than the distance between mercury and the sun in our galaxy. Therefore, the cycle of these planets is also shorter, the shortest is no more than 1.5 Earth days, and the longest is no more than one month.

We may not be able to adapt to the life on the planet for a while due to the strong cycle difference of the park. Although the rotation period of the three planets is too small, they are in the habitable zone, with suitable temperature and small radiation. Scientists do not rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial life on them. Every living planet has its own unique ecosystem and cycle. The earth rotates 365 days a week and rotates 24 hours a week. This is not necessarily the case on other living planets.

If these three planets are really very similar to the environment of the earth and can allow human beings to live directly, even if their cycle is very short, it is not unacceptable. As long as they live for a period of time, they will gradually adapt. The biggest problem is the existence of life. If it’s just some simple life, it’s still a constant system. However, even if it’s suitable for human beings to live here, the distance of 39 light years is still too far for our current human civilization.

If we want to reach the deep space of 39 light years, our spaceship should at least reach the speed of sublight, and it’s better to reach the speed of light, so that we can reach it in 39 years. According to the speed of our spaceship, it may take tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years to arrive. Therefore, the earth like planets in the solar system, we can only explore and discover, and the planets that can really achieve human migration may need to be found and transformed in the solar system. That’s why scientists now attach great importance to Mars.

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