Scientists found that a huge change 230 million years ago caused the sea level to drop 130 meters

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life, is the home of human survival, but also a water ball. The sea area on the earth’s surface accounts for 71% of the global area. If we look at the earth from space, we can see the earth, a blue planet full of water, how vast the sea area is.

As for the origin of so many water resources on earth, scientists generally believe that it may have come from the early comet impact. In the early stage of the earth’s formation, the solar system was still unstable. At that time, many comets entered the inner galaxy and then hit the planets. It is possible that the comets that hit the earth at that time were not one, but many, so there was surface abundance Rich water resources.

So is there as much water on the earth’s surface in the early days as it is now? If not, is it more or less from now on? Scientists naturally want to understand this problem, because it is related to the geological changes of the earth. Only by understanding the changes in the earth’s water resources, can we learn more about the history of the earth. According to the current scientists around the world found a large number of ancient fossils, many are marine fossils.

That is to say, on the land where human beings live, there are many marine fossils. Even near the world’s tallest Mount Everest, scientists have also found shell fossils, which shows that the vicinity of Mount Everest was also an ocean in ancient times. Through the discovery of these marine fossils around the world, scientists speculate that the surface of the earth in ancient times, the ocean area is far more than now. At that time, the land area may be very small.

So what happened to these massive surface water resources? If the ocean area in ancient times was much larger than that in today’s time, there would be 29% of the land area now, which means that a large part of the ocean on the earth’s surface disappeared later. Where did the disappeared sea water go? Scientists believe that these waters will not disappear out of thin air, nor will they go into space. There is only one final destination: underground.

Yes, scientists believe that a large number of oceans on the earth’s surface entered the earth’s interior in ancient times. Moreover, through geological exploration, scientists have found that there is a very perfect circulation system of sea water on the earth. There is not only a circulation of water on the surface and in the atmosphere, but also a circulation of underground and surface water resources.

As we all know, the bottom of the sea connects with the earth’s crust and is closest to the mantle. At this location, every year, a large number of oceans unknowingly flow into the crust and then into the mantle layer. The ocean in the mantle layer flows into the surface through crustal movement, such as earthquake and volcanic eruption, forming a water cycle. According to another recent study, the amount of water trapped inside the earth’s mantle in this way could be as high as 2-4 times that of the earth’s surface.

If there is a relatively stable water circulation structure between the ocean and the ground, so that the surface water will not show a net loss state, then how did a large amount of seawater disappear in ancient times? When scientists studied the deep-water cycle of the earth through modeling, they found that in a special period of ancient times, the sea water that was swallowed into the mantle was much larger than the sea water that was ejected, resulting in a 130 meter drop in the earth’s sea level.

It was because a large amount of sea water flowed into the ground and did not come back that the sea level dropped by 130 meters. Such a significant decline led to the emergence of more land, which now accounts for 29% of the land area available for human survival. If there had not been such a large amount of sea water loss at that time, the land area of the earth would have been only a few percent. If the sea level had risen another 130 meters, I’m afraid there would have been only some peaks left in the end.

So what happened in the ancient times that the surface water flowed into the earth and did not flow back? Through exploration and research, scientists believe that this period may have occurred 230 million years ago, when the earth’s continent was still a piece, namely Pangea. Later, the geological movement led to the separation of plates. In this process, a large amount of sea water flowed into the ground, and the separation process of the major plates was very long. It took such a long time for more sea water to flow into the earth, for more land to come, and for the prosperity and development of rich terrestrial life to come.

With the division of the continental plate and the formation of the new ocean, a huge amount of water is trapped in the crust of the ocean plate boundary and quickly sinks into the deep mantle. There is no time to return to the surface through deep-water circulation, resulting in the disappearance of 130 meters high sea water in the whole Ocean and the loss of nearly 500 million tons of water in the earth’s ocean.

By understanding the history of the earth’s sea water, scientists think of another possibility, that is, the possibility of the existence of the underground ocean. I believe many people have heard of the legend of the underground world. In some ancient records, it is believed that there is a larger world inside the earth, which has more abundant ocean area than the surface.

If it is in the past, many people may think that the existence of oceans inside the earth is nonsense and impossible. However, through continuous exploration and research, it is found that the possibility of the existence of oceans inside the earth is higher and higher. The ocean may not be in the crust, but in the mantle. It may be said that the mantle layer is a region of high temperature and high pressure. How can water exist?

But in fact, the complexity and mystery of the mantle layer are far beyond our imagination. At present, through seismic wave detection, scientists have determined that there are two huge foreign bodies in the mantle layer. These two foreign bodies exist in solid form and are extremely large. If they come to the surface, their height can rise to space. The existence of huge solid foreign bodies in the mantle layer indicates that the mantle layer may not be all high temperature regions as we think.

It is possible that the mantle layer can be divided into several regions with different regional environments, and the ocean may occupy an important position. If the underground ocean exists, then the underground world may also exist. Of course, at present, these are too far away for us. Human science and technology are not capable of deep exploration.

The deepest drill hole in the world is only 12263 meters, which is far from penetrating the crust, let alone the mantle. Only with the rapid development of science and technology, when we have stronger high-temperature and high-strength materials, it may be possible to make super drills, and then drill into the mantle to explore. At that time, the mystery of the earth’s interior can be really revealed.

If there is a huge ocean inside the earth, will there be marine life? What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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