Scientists found that mysterious species, looks like aliens, the key is not to breathe!

Scientists found that mysterious species, looks like aliens, the key is not to breathe!

For a long time, human beings have been dreaming about what aliens look like. Some people speculate that aliens have a pair of strange big eyes, which are quite different from human beings. However, in this huge universe, due to the limited ability of human beings, it is still impossible to find out whether aliens really exist. It can be very clear that almost no one has actually seen an alien spaceship. Every time they see a UFO in the sky, many people will mistake it for an alien spaceship, but it is not the case.

Many people do or think the same without prior consulation2 as like as two peas in human behavior, they can walk upright and have hands and feet. Perhaps their image is exactly the same as that of human beings. But after all, it is only speculation. No one has enough evidence to prove that recent scientists have discovered a rather new parasite, with different shapes and sizes. It was named henneguyasalminicola. Scientists found that mysterious species, looks like aliens, the key is not to breathe!

According to research, scientists have found that most of the parasites like to parasitize on fish. If there are parasites on fish, many white spots will grow on fish. People who have eaten fish know that the meat of fish is delicate and compact, and it is not easy to be attached by parasites. This parasite is completely different from previous parasites, even if it doesn’t need to breathe, it can survive Survival. For all living things on the earth, oxygen is an essential resource. If there is no oxygen, people will not be able to breathe and eventually suffocate to death.

This parasite can completely survive without oxygen, which shows its strong adaptability. Scientists have been exploring the main reason why it doesn’t need to breathe. Through years of research, we have finally discovered the secret. It turns out that there is a lack of mitochondrial genome in its body, which is an indispensable part of all organisms on the earth. Its main function is to breathe. Without it, there is no need to breathe.

In addition, scientists also believe that this parasite and jellyfish have very similar body structure, and share a common ancestor, but they gradually lose muscle tissue in the process of evolution, and then lose breathing, so how can they get energy? It’s hard for scientists to explain. It can be seen that this parasite has many mysteries waiting for human to discover. In addition to this parasite, there are many unknown things and fields in the world waiting for us to excavate, which must consume a lot of human and material resources.

Scientists have never given up observation. All kinds of creatures, whether in outer space or on earth, are worth exploring. Everyone is making their own efforts to solve the mysteries. I believe that as long as we persevere, these mysteries will be solved one day. It turns out that there are such creatures on earth that don’t need to breathe. It’s really a long experience. Have you ever seen this parasite? You can leave a message for interaction.

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