Scientists found that super earth, 17 times the size of the earth, 560 light-years away from the earth

The universe is vast. No one knows how many stars and planets there are in the universe. With the current human exploration equipment, only a few planets and stars can be observed in the Milky way. Up to now, there are hundreds of millions of planets, including some earth like planets.

Since the exploration of the universe, the first task is to find extraterrestrial life, and the second task is to find earth like planets and planets suitable for human survival. At present, there is no progress in searching for extraterrestrial life, but we have gained a lot in searching for earth like planets. Many earth like planets have been found in the galaxy. Some are close to the earth, some are far away from the earth, but even the nearest earth like planet can not be reached with our current technology.

One of the earth like planets discovered is kepler-10c, which was discovered in 2014. Its biggest feature is that it is very large, 17 times the size of the earth. When it was first discovered, it was thought to be a gaseous planet, but later through mass comparison, it was found that it is a rocky planet with a diameter of about 29000 rows of meters, It’s more than twice that of the earth, and its surface gravitational acceleration is three times that of the earth. People call it super earth, and it really deserves the name.

Kepler-10c is about 500 light-years away from the earth, which is not too close or too far. Among the earth like planets discovered, this distance is medium, but among the earth like planets much larger than the earth, kepler-10c is the closest to the earth.

Kepler-10c is an exoplanet. It orbits the star in the constellation Draconis, with a cycle of only 45 days. Such a large planet only rotates for 45 days. It can be seen that it is relatively close to the star, so the surface temperature is as high as 200 degrees. However, the temperature is still within the acceptable range, which is very warm compared with the surface temperature of Venus in the solar system.

Scientists are still observing the earth like planet to determine whether it has an atmosphere and a magnetic field. Scientists speculate that life is very likely to exist on this planet. Although the surface temperature may reach 200 degrees, some high temperature resistant life may be born, and it is also in the habitable zone. If it is observed to have an atmosphere in the later stage, it is more likely to exist.

With the continuous updating of human detection equipment, we believe that the super earth can be observed more clearly in the future, and the research on it will go a step further. We can even find out whether it has atmosphere and water.

Of course, even if it is proved that this planet has atmosphere, magnetic field and water, it is very difficult for human beings to get there. It takes 560 years to fly at the speed of light even at 560 light years, and the speed of human aircraft is far from the speed of light.

I believe that in the future, human beings will be able to break through the speed limit. The speed of spacecraft can reach the speed of light or even exceed the speed of light. Once human beings have a superluminal vehicle, it will be easy to reach the earth like planet 5.6 million light away. In the future, people’s eyes must be on the sea of stars. These earth like planets will be observed on the spot one day. If they are suitable for human life, they will colonize. People will step into every corner of the universe. I believe this day will come sooner or later. How long do you think it will take for humans to reach the speed of light? Welcome to leave a message in the discussion area below.

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