Scientists found that the earth’s magnetic field appears “fracture”, may be the precursor of magnetic reversal

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years, and it is also the only habitable celestial body in the known universe. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, we have a rich understanding of the earth and the solar system beyond the earth.

Through continuous cognition, we find that the earth can not become the permanent home of human beings. Therefore, scientists constantly explore the universe and Mars in order to find a new way out and a new home for human beings. When the earth can’t adapt to human survival, we can live on Mars or live on a better planet outside our system.

It was once said that the real disaster that can bring the earth to a complete end comes from the sun. As a star, the sun also has a lifetime. In another 5 billion years, it will enter the red giant stage, and it will continue to devour the earth. At that time, the earth will completely become a purgatory planet, unable to survive properly.

Some people think that the sun will not give the earth 5 billion years at all. In another billion years at most, with the rising temperature of the sun, the earth will not be able to survive. We have no objection to the above two cognitions. It is true that the sun will cause the final destruction of the earth, but can human beings wait until then?

The earth as a planet, its bearing capacity is very strong, unless the huge cosmic disaster events can destroy it. However, life is very fragile. Any great ecological change may lead to mass extinction, thus ending an era of life. 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs that dominated the earth for 160 million years went extinct because of an asteroid impact.

Therefore, we can’t expect the sun to give us another 1 billion years or 5 billion years. In such a long time, the earth’s ecology will change countless times, and each change is a test for us. If we can’t pass the test, then human civilization will become history.

So what is the earth’s ecosystem that has a greater impact on us? Here we have to mention the magnetic field. I believe friends all know that the earth has a very strong magnetic field, which extends thousands of kilometers through the earth, effectively protecting the earth’s orbit and the earth’s own ecological environment.

We should know that the universe is not a beautiful environment, but a very bad one. Solar wind and cosmic radiation can have a great impact on the earth’s ecology. Without the protection of the magnetic field, the atmosphere will continue to lose, and the liquid water on the surface will continue to evaporate. Finally, the whole earth will become a desolate planet like Mars, and life can not survive.

Therefore, the stability of the earth’s magnetic field is very important for the earth’s life, especially for today’s human science and technology, once the magnetic field has a huge fluctuation, the impact will be great. Can the earth’s magnetic field remain stable? The answer is no, according to the research of scientists, the earth’s magnetic field will usher in a great reversal of the magnetic field every once in a while.

It is roughly estimated that 171 pole reversals have taken place in the past 76 million years, the most recent of which occurred 700000 years ago. Judging from the theoretical period, the next magnetic field reversal seems to be not far away from us. If the earth’s magnetic field is going to reverse, there must be some signs ahead of time. Have scientists found the abnormal fluctuation of the magnetic field now?

According to research data released by NASA scientists, a strange “dent” in the earth’s magnetic field has been found, which is slowly moving westward across South America and the South Atlantic.

In addition to this magnetic field “dent”, the more serious situation is that scientists see a big change in the “South Atlantic magnetic anomaly area (SAA)”. Scientists find that the abnormal area is gradually moving westward. NASA’s report shows that the area has split into two lobes, indicating that the earth’s magnetic field has “broken”.

These magnetic anomalies are not good news for us. They may be the precursor of magnetic reversal. So why does the earth have a magnetic reversal? For this, scientists have not yet determined the answer, the general view is that the earth’s deep part of the earth’s movement may have changed.

We should know that the origin of cidang is closely related to the earth’s center. It is the movement of the earth’s center that produces the magnetic field. The movement of the earth’s center is not fixed, but has periodicity. If the dynamic system of the earth’s center changes, it will affect the change of the earth’s magnetic field, resulting in the reversal of the magnetic field.

No matter why the earth’s magnetic field will reverse, but once it happens, the impact on the earth is very obvious, especially for human beings.

The earth’s magnetic field is the “protective umbrella” of human beings. If it breaks, it will form a “space hole” over the earth, and the radiation from the sun will directly drive into the earth, which will pose a great threat to the earth’s surface, especially to life. We should know that the resistance of life on earth to solar radiation itself is very weak.

Astronauts in space wear space suits, stay in the spacecraft can not completely block the impact of solar radiation. The first impact of the magnetic field fracture on the earth’s orbit is a large number of satellites. You know, the reason why satellites can move safely in earth orbit is precisely because of the protection of magnetic field. If you lose the protection of the magnetic field, the satellite will be paralyzed.

Without satellites, many electronic devices that rely on satellites will naturally become a pile of scrap iron. And with the aggravation of the magnetic field anomaly, the solar radiation will have a devastating impact on the ground power equipment, electronic equipment and so on. We should know that the mainstream of human science and technology is all kinds of electronic equipment, and solar radiation is their nemesis.

Therefore, the impact of magnetic field reversal on scientific and technological civilization is fatal, which will make the era of human science and technology retrogress for many years. In addition, the migration of many birds and animals also needs the guidance of magnetic field. If the magnetic field reverses, then these animals will also usher in a huge disaster.

So can humans survive the reversal of the magnetic field? The answer is yes. The most recent reversal of magnetic field happened 700000 years ago, when our ancestors were born more than 1.3 million years ago. With the strength of our ancestors, we can all survive under the condition of magnetic field reversal. As a human in the era of science and technology, there is no problem, but we need to face huge losses.

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