Scientists found that the “Immortality” method is likely to achieve immortality, but it is against ethics

Many people in old age, always sigh time flies, if there is more time, they can do more things. In ancient times, people hoped to prolong their life span, and even hope to live forever. Talking about immortality, many people will think of the scenery of alchemy, because when we were young, we all saw journey to the west, in which taishanglaojun had an alchemy furnace. The refined pill has many effects, among which there is the effect of immortality.

As early as before the publication of journey to the west, many ancient emperors tried to take refined pills to seek immortality. In the end, most of them ended up with compassion for the world. It seems that it is impossible to live forever in reality. Everything in the world has a deadline, after which it will gradually disappear. The same is true for all living things on earth. Every living thing has its life cycle. When it reaches the end of the life cycle, it means the end of life.

However, as the only species with high intelligence on earth, we have already mastered the ability to change some objective facts. At the same time, we are also improving our ability to change the laws of nature. The human body is made up of all kinds of cells. When the whole cell tends to age, the human body will also decline. So it is impossible to grow up in the human body, because cell aging and body aging are irreversible.

So we really have no way to achieve immortality? Scientists say that this is not the case. There is still a way to achieve immortality, just another way to extend life. However, this kind of way is not allowed in the laws of nature, which is against morality and ethics. What’s the matter? Now, with the rapid development of human beings in the field of medicine, many medical experts believe that printing organs with 3D technology can make people’s life continue, but there are still some difficulties to truly achieve “Immortality”, but some people believe that “Immortality” can be achieved through cloning technology.

As like as two peas, cloning is what we call cloning technology, which is the way to clone cells through cells. This technology can clone human like cells from human cells. This technology is to reproduce individuals through cells. In a sense, this is not different from ourselves, but it is another way to pass our consciousness to the clones, so that even if our meat is meat. If the body has died, it can also achieve immortality in the true sense.

Scientists call this new technology “superhumanism”. It seals the consciousness after death in a special artificial brain, and then copies it through the cells in the body to create the same individual, and then puts the consciousness into the individual. Just like the copy and paste used by computers, this is also a way of “Immortality”, but life, aging, illness and death are natural rules As part of the law, scientific research related to human cloning is prohibited internationally.

As human cloning not only violates morality and ethics, but also faces many contradictions and problems in their social status. However, experts say that if we can live to 2050, we are likely to have eternal life. What do you think of this view? Please leave a comment below.

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