Scientists found that the “mini solar system”, about 2545 light-years away from the earth, also has eight planets

In this paper, I participated in the series of solicitations of the great astronomy and Astronautics of Recordunkown science

With the help of science and technology, mankind stepped out of the earth and saw the vast universe. A great planetary exploration project began. In addition to the possible existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization, it is more important for scientists to find a second planet suitable for human survival.

Before human beings go out of the earth, we may think that the earth will always be the home for human beings to live and live forever. But with the rapid development of human science and technology, especially more and more people know about the universe. We found that it is difficult for the earth to become a permanent home for human beings. One day, the earth may be destroyed or no longer suitable for human survival.

Many of the earth’s external environment can threaten the earth, such as asteroid impact, all kinds of strong radiation. If the earth encounters an asteroid impact on the scale of 65 million years ago, it may usher in the sixth mass extinction. Even if the earth is very lucky not to encounter an asteroid impact again, after billions of years, the expansion of the sun will continue to devour the earth and disappear into the universe forever.

In addition to these external environment can threaten the survival of the earth and human beings, the situation inside the earth is also serious. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s resources are drying up, and the environmental pollution and ecological deterioration caused by industrial production are becoming more and more serious. Maybe in a few hundred years, with the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, the sea level will rise by more than 60 meters, and the land area will basically drown.

The rising global temperature has not only brought about the rise of sea level, but also other more serious consequences, such as the recovery of ancient bacteria and viruses. It can be seen that the earth will face internal and external threats in the future, and the way for human beings to break through this threat is to rapidly develop science and technology, find a second earth suitable for human beings in space, and then immigrate to this planet.

In the vast universe, there are countless galaxies and planets. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Milky way, so there is no shortage of planets suitable for human survival. The requirements of life in the universe for the environment will naturally be different, and for earth life and human beings, only in line with the solar system environment and the earth’s environment, can fully meet the needs of human survival.

Therefore, when scientists are looking for earth like planets suitable for human survival, they expect to find a very similar or even the same stellar system as the solar system, that is, a replica of the solar system. Then, does such a galaxy exist? Scientists have discovered a “mini solar system” through observation. It’s kepler-90, a solar like system in the constellation Draco, about 2545 light-years from earth.

The main star of kepler-90 galaxy, like the sun, is a yellow dwarf and a G-type main sequence star. There are also eight planets in this galaxy, including rocky planets similar to earth and giant planets similar to Jupiter and Saturn. Although the number of stars in the galaxy has reached hundreds of billions, there are very few stars that are very similar to the mass and volume of the sun.

Scientists have found a copy of the solar system, so is there a habitable planet similar to earth in this galaxy? The results may disappoint many people. Although this galaxy can be called a mini solar system, the eight planets found are very close to the main star, basically within the earth sun orbit, and their orbits are closer than the sun earth orbit, which may cause the planet’s surface temperature to be too high for life.

Even if life can survive in one of the eight planets, for human beings, this position is unable to meet the living conditions of human beings. However, now scientists have only made preliminary observations of this galaxy and found eight planets in the near future. According to the principle, stars like the sun have a very wide gravitational range, and there may be other planets even farther away. But because it’s too far away from the earth, far away from the main star, the light is too dark for us to find.

In the future, with the progress of science and technology, with more powerful astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment, other planets may be found in farther places. If an earth like planet can be found in the habitable zone, it may have a very similar environment to the earth. Of course, even if we find planets very similar to the earth in kepler-90 in the future, planets suitable for human survival. However, the distance of 2545 light years is still a desperate distance for a long period of time in the future.

Even if human beings achieve sub light speed flight in the future, it may take at least thousands to thousands of years to reach galaxies 2545 light years away. This is obviously unrealistic for human migration, so scientists should focus on finding earth like planets suitable for human survival within 100 light-years from the earth. It’s a pity that we haven’t found planets like the solar system within 100 light-years, but we have found many earth like planets similar to the earth. Whether they are suitable for human survival or not, we still need to make further progress in future science and technology and send probes to field observation.

The power of science and technology is powerful. As long as human beings can work hard to develop science and technology, we can easily deal with threats from outside the earth or from the earth itself in the future. As long as we have the ability of interstellar navigation, we will no longer be bound to the earth or the solar system. As long as we go out, human beings will have better development and a better future Come on.

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