Scientists found that the new home, about 39 light-years away from the earth, may have the existence of life

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. For this home, we naturally expect to survive forever. But the reality is often very cruel, with the rapid development of human civilization, especially after entering the era of science and technology, the rapid development of industry has brought constant damage to this beautiful home, making the earth’s ecological environment deteriorating.

Some people may say that we can stop the development of industry and the deterioration of the earth’s ecology? Although this is the truth, everyone knows that the development of industry can not stop. The speed of industry determines the speed of the development of human science and technology, and whether human civilization can continue to upgrade.

If we stop the development of industry, the pace of human science and technology will also stop, so that human beings will never walk out of the earth and into the starry sky. If we can’t become an interstellar civilization and keep watch on the earth, one day, the earth’s resources will be exhausted. Once there is no resources, human beings will end up on the earth and become the dust of history.

Therefore, the speed of industrial development can not be stopped, but also accelerated. With the rapid development of industry, the pollution of the earth’s ecology is inevitable. In addition, the rapid development of science and technology requires a lot of resources, and the exploitation of resources will also continue to destroy the stability and ecological environment of the earth.

From this we can see that no matter from which aspect, the earth can never become the home of mankind forever. Human being trapped on the earth can only come to an end, so we have to go out, out of the earth, to the starry sky. Only when we go to the starry sky, the vast universe will have countless homes for us to choose from. At that time, human civilization will be able to blossom and bear fruit everywhere in the universe and become the overlord of the universe.

Of course, it is too far away for human beings to become the overlord of the universe. The dilemma we are facing now is that the earth’s ecology is deteriorating. Human beings urgently need to find a new home near the solar system, and then immigrate to this new home in the near future. Some people may say, is there not a second new home suitable for human survival in the solar system? Isn’t Mars the second home chosen by scientists?

I believe friends know that there are only three planets in the habitable zone of the solar system. Apart from the earth, Venus and Mars are not natural planets suitable for human survival. Although scientists now regard Mars as the second home of mankind, it is based on the successful transformation of Mars. Mars will not be suitable for human existence without various ecological transformations.

But it’s not easy to transform a planet. Mars has lost its magnetic field, its atmosphere is very thin, and there is little water on its surface. To make Mars a livable planet, first we need to activate Mars’ magnetic field, then we need a lot of water resources, and finally we need to thicken Mars’ atmosphere.

If we want to realize these transformations, we need higher human technology. That is to say, we need to master the planetary transformation technology before we can successfully transform Mars. But here we have to say that if human beings realize the planetary transformation technology, will the ecological deterioration of the earth still be a problem? Of course not. Since we can transform Mars into a livable planet, it will be easier to transform the ecology of the earth, and we don’t need to leave the earth.

Therefore, although Mars may have human migration in the future, it will not become a perfect second home for human beings. If we want to find a natural second home, we can only go outside the solar system, the Milky way with a diameter of 100000 light-years. There are hundreds of billions of stellar systems, and there are so many earth like planets that we can’t count. Naturally, there is no lack of livable planets suitable for human survival.

But for the speed of the development of human science and technology, the second home we have to choose in the future can only be found near the solar system, and we can’t reach the stars too far away. You know, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. Before we completely solved the mystery of space-time, the speed that a human spaceship can achieve is only sub light speed.

Depending on sub light speed flight, we can choose to explore the star range is limited to 100 light-years. So is there a second home suitable for human survival in this range? Scientists have made continuous efforts to observe through telescopes, and finally found a new home for human beings, which is a beautiful planet about 39 light-years away from the earth.

In 2017, scientists discovered a new earth. This earth like planet is only 39 light-years away from the earth. The diameter of the planet is about 1.45 times that of the earth, and its mass is 6.6 times that of the earth. Moreover, it is also in the livable zone, with mild sunshine, atmosphere and liquid water.

This is a super earth that is very similar to the earth. Its discovery makes scientists excited and worried. Why? We all know that such a beautiful planet of intelligent life as the earth is believed to be very rare in the universe. The birth of life for the planet’s ecological environment is very high, especially want to birth like human wisdom life, but also need a beautiful ecological environment.

Although we can’t subjectively think that all intelligent life planets have the same ecological environment as the earth, the beautiful planets that are very similar to the earth are very likely to give birth to life, and the possibility of intelligent life is also higher. Therefore, when scientists found this super earth only 39 light-years away from the earth, they speculated that it might also have life, and even did not rule out the existence of wisdom civilization on it.

If intelligent civilization already exists on this planet, then human beings going to live on this planet is an invasion of civilization. It may lead to star wars. It may be said, what if there is wisdom and civilization on it? Why don’t we just wipe them out and take over the planet? Although this is the truth, if we go to invade an intelligent civilization, there will always be an uncomfortable ridge in our hearts, which may cause discordant voices within human beings and affect the stability of human civilization.

What’s more, this super earth may not be a backward civilization. If they also become a technological civilization, although they are not as powerful as human beings, we may not be able to beat them because of their home advantage. What’s more, we can’t use powerful weapons of destruction. In that case, even if we destroy the local civilization of this star, the ecology of this planet may be completely destroyed and no longer suitable for human survival.

Therefore, it is not easy for human beings to find a perfect second home. Even if we become an interstellar civilization in the future and can find many planets suitable for human survival in the universe, there may be very few of them without intelligent civilization. Only those beautiful young ecological planets, because the evolution of life has not yet come to the time of birth of intelligent life, can we hope to become the new masters of this planet.

Anyway, the future of mankind is in the starry sky, in the vast universe. Only when we step into the starry sky, can a large number of unlimited resources support the rapid development of human civilization. Only when we are strong step by step can we gain great advantages in the future universe hegemony and become the hegemony of the universe.

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