Scientists found that the ocean “oxygen free zone”, no biological survival, known as the human forbidden zone!

“Oxygen free zone” has been found on the seabed, covering an area of 1 square kilometer, and no biological shadow can be found!

The earth plays a different role in the universe. It breeds countless lives, undertakes the responsibility of mother, and provides suitable environment, rich resources, sufficient sunshine and so on, which endows perfect conditions for the birth of creatures. Thanks to the earth, human beings have been able to survive so far. If it were not for the many resources on the earth, human beings would no longer exist.

Maybe many people don’t pay attention to the resources on the earth. The water we drink every day is from the earth. Water is the source of life, a person should take enough water every day, if the water is not enough, the balance of body function will be destroyed. A person can not eat for a long time, but can not drink water, the importance of water we can imagine. “Oxygen free zone” has been found on the seabed, covering an area of 1 square kilometer, and no biological shadow can be found!

The importance of oxygen to every living thing

In addition to water, there is another resource that is also indispensable, that is oxygen. Oxygen has the meaning of “acid element” in Greek. At that time, Lavoisier mistakenly believed that all acidic substances had oxygen. It was not until a Xu Shou Qing Dynasty man discovered that the role of oxygen was gradually highlighted. In the process of human survival, oxygen is the most indispensable. In any corner of the earth, we all have to breathe. Every breath of fresh air we breathe has sufficient oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. Once people deoxidize, they will suffocate and die anytime and anywhere. No matter people or animals, they can’t do without oxygen.

However, we should also pay attention to oxygen. Excessive absorption of oxygen can also lead to oxygen poisoning. Someone once asked such a question, what would happen if the deserts on earth turned into oases? There is no doubt that the oxygen on earth will double, and a large number of organisms will die because of the oxygen rich environment. Too much oxygen can make people feel dizzy and nauseous. Even if human beings are forced to adapt to such an environment, the body’s cells will age rapidly because of the oxygen enriched environment, and their life will be shortened. Therefore, many people call oxygen a chronic poison. Oxygen content in the air is very high, but it is completely different in the deep sea. Some scientists have found an oxygen free area in the ocean.

The first discovery of oxygen free areas in the ocean

As we all know, oxygen is difficult to dissolve in water. Nevertheless, the ocean still breeds countless lives. The reason why there is a low oxygen area in the ocean is inextricably linked with human activities. This oxygen free area is called the forbidden zone of life, covering an area of 1 square kilometer. It is understood that there is no life here, and the only coral reef has become gray white, even a single organism We can’t find the shadow of the water. This situation has never been seen before. Due to the global warming, the oxygen in the water is gradually diluted.

Not only that, the rapid propagation of algae will also lead to a dead cycle. The dead algae emit carbon dioxide, which makes the sea water warmer and aggravates the propagation of algae. This is not necessarily a good thing. Scientists are extremely worried. Although oxygen is particularly important for every organism, it also has disadvantages. Reasonable utilization is the most correct way. What do you think of this anaerobic area discovered by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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