Scientists found that the “second earth” has stable seasonal changes. Scientists dare not immigrate at all

There are more than 100 billion stars in our universe. The star near Centaurus is the nearest star to the sun, and the planet around it may also be the nearest exoplanet to the earth.

Discovered in 1915, the nearby star Centaurus is one of the three stars in alpha Centaurus galaxy. It is mainly visible in the southern hemisphere. The new planets found around it are located in habitable areas. Liquid water may exist on the surface, which is an important condition for the birth of life.

Until now, scientists have never found a “second earth” so far away from us.

“Twin brothers of the earth” is located in the constellation Cygnus, 1400 light-years away from the earth. This is the first earth like planet discovered so far. It is similar to the earth and revolves around a sun like star.

Its diameter is 60% larger than that of the earth, its mass is more than five times that of the earth, and its revolution period is about 385 days. Scientists think it is likely to have the same atmosphere and water resources as the earth.

Therefore, it is likely to become the first choice for human beings to develop the universe or immigrate to the earth in the future. Scientists realize that such a superior earth environment may have bred extraterrestrial life. In addition, orange dwarfs are billions of years earlier than the sun on average, so if it fosters civilization, its civilization level will certainly be higher than that of the earth.

So if we are in a hurry to connect with civilization, because we want to know whether it has already appeared, we may expose our civilization and our status, which will be very dangerous.

Once we get in touch, its civilization will be much higher than ours, and human civilization will be in danger of being destroyed.

Even if it gradually emerged a civilization similar to ours, if human beings need to immigrate in the future, it will lead to star wars, and the situation may be even worse.

So scientists don’t think it’s more habitable than the earth. Heaven is actually another “Earth” we think we have found.

On the contrary, the more favorable earth like planets are, the more dangerous they are. Unless future humans have the ability to explore this star, we can migrate if it turns out that there is no intelligent life on this star.

However, the discovery of the second earth is a very pleasant thing, because it may prove that we are not the only one in the universe.

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