Scientists found that “time inflation”, Einstein’s theory of relativity, has been proved right again!

Time is our unit of measurement every day. In physics, time is one of the seven basic physical quantities, the symbol is t. at present, scientific theory believes that time is accompanied by the big bang, time can only move forward forever, can not be reversed, because time is an increment, can only be positive.

In short, time is the material movement and energy transfer, it is just a way of people to record life. In fact, the concept of time is very abstract, but Einstein thought that time may not exist in the universe, it is just an illusion in human subconscious.

The so-called time and space are things that happen in different periods. If time is simply regarded as a unit of time, then time is a unit. It only goes in one direction and never looks back, because time is an increment and is always positive.

However, from the perspective of time and space, time is not a simple increment. It can exist in various states, whether it is negative, positive or the superposition of positive and negative numbers.

In popular words, time can not only flow backwards, but also cross into the future, and can appear in the past, present and future at the same time. In science, it is called the overlap of time and space.

The so-called time expansion effect means that time is not fixed, but changes with certain conditions (speed, mass). The faster the speed, the slower time passes. When time reaches the speed of light, time will stop. If time exceeds the speed of light, time will flow backwards.

In addition, if the mass of an object is larger, its gravitational field will be stronger, and its time in this gravitational field will be shorter. This is Einstein’s famous “time dilation effect”. A simple conclusion is that time can be changed. The two factors that change time are speed and quality.

Now the conditions for verifying Einstein’s “time expansion effect” are basically satisfied. In order to verify the correctness of this scientific prediction, scientists have carried out many experiments.

For example, a physicist put a very accurate electronic clock on an airplane, put another one on the ground to make it stand still, and then the airplane went round the earth.

As a result, the electronic clock on the plane moves more slowly than the stationary electronic time and space on the ground. This confirms the conclusion that the faster the speed, the slower the time.

The scientific prediction of the future has yet to be verified. When the speed reaches the speed of light, time stops. Exceeding the speed of light reverses time. Because the speed of light is too hard to reach, humans cannot verify this core conclusion.

However, with the progress of technology, we believe that human beings will finally verify this conclusion. Once this conclusion is confirmed, a new world and world outlook may emerge, because time can really flow backwards.

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