Scientists found the earliest footprints in the Three Gorges of China, 600 million years ago, which has become a fossil!

This is not an ordinary stone. It is a fossil that records the oldest biological footprints on the earth. It was recently discovered in the Three Gorges area of China and was shown to people by Nanjing Institute of Geology and paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences on June 6.

According to the analysis, the animal footprints were left in the Ediacaran period. 635-541 million years ago, it was the Ediacaran period. In the Ediacaran strata of the Three Gorges area of China, scientists found only a dozen fossils with these animal footprints. Before that, people have been judging from the fossil analysis of Ediacaran that Ediacaran animals are simple invertebrates without head, tail, limbs, mouth and digestive organs, which are similar to plants. Scientists can judge that the earliest biphasic arthropods or annelids also appeared during the Cambrian life explosion 500 million years ago.

The fossil on display recently has two rows of similar repeated footprints. The distance between the two rows of footprints is 1 to 2 cm, which indicates that it was left by a kind of animal with head and tail, which is symmetrical on both sides. At the same time, it was found together with the footprints, as well as its cave fossil. The footprints are next to the cave. On the surface of the rock stratum, this animal crawls from the bottom of the sea And drill into the traces of seabed sediments. This latest evidence is sufficient to prove that in order to survive, search for oxygen and food, this animal could drill its own hole into the sea floor, and it had paired appendages, which could lift its body to the sea floor. The researchers said: this ancient animal, initially identified as an arthropod, Annelida or the ancestor of this kind of animal in ancient times, is likely to be a shrimp.

This new discovery has pushed forward the time that people used to think that animals evolved “arms” and “legs”, which can be called the earliest “footprints” left by animals in history. Unfortunately, at present, scientists have not found the fossils of these animals themselves, and can not accurately determine what kind of creatures left this footprint. Let’s wait and see, and hope to have a new discovery as soon as possible!

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