Scientists found the mural 10000 years ago, aliens came to earth? Is the earth really designed?

Human beings have always been in awe of the universe. Since the 1960s, we have gone to the depths of the universe through our own strength. In this process, we also hope to find aliens, but in the end nothing, is it true that human beings are lonely in the universe?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the dark forest principle. The universe is actually a huge forest. There may be hunters hidden in the depths of the universe. These hunters are all kinds of alien civilizations. While monitoring the surrounding environment, alien civilization is also protecting its position from being leaked. Some people claim that extraterrestrial life exists, and human beings succumb to it. The earth is just designed. In the long time of the earth’s existence, there have been many major disasters, but the earth has escaped perfectly. It seems far fetched to use only coincidence to explain.

In the earth business, the thick atmosphere is at a moderate distance from the sun. With the protection of the atmosphere, we can ensure the safe evolution of life. Therefore, many people think that looking at the whole universe, it is more difficult to find a second earth, and the birth of life is very accidental. Since the 1990s, we have been looking for a second planet similar to the earth. Looking at the whole galaxy, there are as many as 300 million planets suitable for survival. If this conclusion is confirmed, the universe should be bustling with life. But why do we wait for endless darkness when we enter the universe?

Mysterious murals

According to the latest data, scientists believe that life is indeed universal, but these extraterrestrial life has long been extinct, perhaps due to war, perhaps due to environmental degradation, which is the inevitable fate of life. There are also many unexplained phenomena on earth. Scientists once found a huge mural in a cave in India. This mural is more than 10000 years old. It depicts people’s daily life and all kinds of animals.

In this cave, there is also a mural that attracted the attention of scientists. In this mural, there are spaceships and creatures similar to astronauts. Did aliens come to earth in ancient times? They also communicated with human beings, which is why ancient human beings depicted these phenomena in caves and recorded them.

In fact, in addition to this mural, there are many things on earth that are difficult to explain by science. These things also seem to show that extraterrestrial life has really come to the earth. Of course, we can’t jump to a conclusion just by guessing. For human beings, aliens are always very far away. We may have to wait a long time to uncover the secrets of aliens. I don’t know what you think?

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